James Grehan

Associate Professor

Fields of Expertise:
early modern and modern Middle East
Ottoman Empire
social and cultural history
world history

Recent Publications:

"Imperial Crisis and Muslim-Christian Relations in Ottoman Syria and Palestine c. 1770-1830," The Journal of the Economic and Social History of the Orient 58 (2015), 490-531.

Twilight of the Saints: Everyday Religion in Ottoman Syria and Palestine. 2014. Oxford University Press.

“The Legend of the Samarmar: Parades and Communal Identity in Syrian Towns, c. 1500-1800," Past and Present 204 (2009), 89-125.

Everyday Life and Consumer Culture in Eighteenth-Century Damascus, University of Washington Press, 2007.

"Smoking and 'Early Modern Sociability:' the Great Tobacco Debate in the Ottoman Middle East (17th-18th Centuries)," American Historical Review 111 (December 2006), 1352-77.

Recent Awards:

  • Fuat Köprülü Prize for Best Book in Ottoman and Turkish Studies;  presented in 2015 by the Ottoman and Turkish Studies Association for Twilight of the Saints.
  • Co-Winner of the Biennial Prize for Best Book in Syrian Studies;  presented in 2015 by the Syrian Studies Association for Twilight of the Saints.

Courses taught:

  • HST 300: Historic Imagination 
  • HST 385: Late Imperial Middle East (1700-1914)
  • HST 390  Early Modern World
  • HON 407: Popular Religion in the Early Modern World
  • HST 485/585: Ottoman World
  • HST 490/590: Comparative World History: Islam and Modernity