ChiaYin Hsu

Associate Professor

Fields of Expertise:
Late Imperial and early Soviet Russian migration to the Russian Far East and North Manchuria
Imperial expansion and Russian colonialism in China
Ethnicity and nationality in late Imperial and early Soviet Russia


  • “Russian Resorts and European Leisure: Railroad Vacations, ‘Native’ Sites, and the Making of a Russian (Post)Colonial Identity in Manchuria, 1920s-1930s,” in Migration and Mobility in the Modern Age: Refugees, Travelers, and Traffickers in Europe and Eurasia, ed. Jan Musekamp, Anika Walke, Nicole Svobodny (Indiana University Press, 2017)
  • The Cultural History of Money and Credit: A Global Perspective, co-edited with Thomas M. Luckett and Erika Vause (Lexington Books, 2016)
  • "The 'Color' of Money: The Ruble, Competing Currencies, and Conceptions of Citizenship in Manchuria and the Russian Far East, 1890s-1920s," Russian Review 73 (January 2014): 83-110.
  • “Frontier Urban and Imperial Dreams: The Chinese Eastern Railroad and the Creation of a Russian Global City, 1890s–1917,” in Russia in Motion: Cultures of Human Mobility Since 1850, ed. John Randolph and Eugene M. Avrutin (University of Illinois Press, 2012), 43-62.
  • “Railroad Technocracy, Extraterritoriality, and Imperial Lieux de Mémoire in Russian Émigrés’ Manchuria, 1920-1930s,” Ab Imperio 2011, no. 4 (2011): 59-105.
  • “Diaries and Diaspora Identity: Rethinking Russian Emigration in China,” Kritika: Explorations in Russian and Eurasian History 11, no. 1 (Winter 2010): 127-44.
  • “A Tale of Two Railroads: ‘Yellow Labor,’ Agrarian Colonization, and the Making of Russianness at the Far Eastern Frontier, 1890s–1910s,” Ab Imperio 2006, no. 3 (2006): 217-53.

Courses taught:

  • HST 300: Historical Imagination
  • HST 375: Early Russia, 800s-1700
  • HST 376: Imperial Russia, 1700s-1917
  • HST 377: Soviet and Post-Soviet Russia, 1917-1990s
  • HST 405/505: Readings in Russian History: Russia and Its East
  • HST 407/507: Seminar: Russia and Its East: Multiethnicity and Identity, 1700s-1970s
  • HST 407/507: Seminar: Empire-Building and Multiethnicity in Imperial Russia
  • HST 407/507: Seminar: The Culture and Politics of Nationality in Imperial and Soviet Russia
  • HST 478/578: Russian Intellectual and Cultural History I: Imperial and Early Soviet Russia
  • HST 479/579: Russian Intellectual and Cultural History II: Film, History, and Soviet Identity
  • HST 491/591 and 492/592: Money in Modern Culture: Global Perspectives
  • HST 490/590: Comparative World History: Critiques of Positivism in 19th-20th Century Europe and Asia
  • HST 490/590: Comparative World History: European Imperialism and “Colonial Laboratories” in Asia, 1800s-1930s
  • HST 490/590: Comparative World History: Russian and Chinese Revolutions
  • UNST 101C FRINQ: Race and Social Justice: 18th-19th Century Racial Conceptions
  • UNST 102C FRINQ: Race and Social Justice: Race and Colonialism
  • UNST 103C FRINQ: Race and Social Justice: Rebellion, Revolution, and Making New Societies

Public Lectures & Interviews


  • PhD
    New York University