What will Portland's newest urban-renewal zone around Portland State University do?
Author: by Beth Slovic, The Oregonian
Posted: May 25, 2012

PE.URBANRENEWAL_73__1__20002215.JPGPortland State University students shuffle between Neuberger Hall, left, and Smith Memorial Student Union. The campus will get about $50 million in improvements, including additional classroom space and research facilities, thanks to the Portland City Council's decision to launch a new $169 million urban-renewal zone around PSU.Go to full article:

The Portland City Council last week approved a downtown urban-renewal district centered on Portland State University, checking off another box on Mayor Sam Adams' to-do list. 

The decision, which passed 3-1 with Commissioner Amanda Fritz voting no and Commissioner Dan Saltzman absent, generated both praise and protests at City Hall.

Advocates argued the plan would help PSU expand its classrooms and draw additional grants, strengthening its academic reputation.

But detractors said the 28-year zone would boost PSU at the expense of Multnomah County and Portland school districts, because the zone would divert property tax revenue from those agencies. 

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