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Funding for Research

The Friends of History may provide funding to students and faculty of the Portland State University History Department to support their scholarly work.

Friends of History Funding Guidelines

Funding can be used for, but is not limited to: research, professional development, publication subvention, and sponsorship of related history events and conferences. Normally a grant request would be made in the range of $100 to $500 with a typical grant being around $250. Approximately $1,000 a year is allocated from the Friends of History budget to fulfilling grant requests.



Friends of History funding levels are tied to the organization’s operating budget and are made within the fiscal year (July 1 to June 30 each year). As such, the amount FOH has available for grants will fluctuate from year to year. Because opportunities arise for scholars throughout the year, FOH will grant money in three funding periods, fall, winter, and spring, to correspond to the University’s academic quarters. Student and faculty requests will be considered separately, with a larger balance of FOH funds allotted to student requests.

  • Students and faculty are limited to one request per funding period.
  • Students and faculty can only receive funding for one request per calendar year.
  • Funding must be requested prior to its intended use and spent within the calendar year awarded.


Application for Funding

Friends of History require a formal application for all funding requests. The application consists of a cover sheet, project narrative, budget summary and narrative, and a resume. Student applicants must also submit one letter of support from a PSU faculty member. For the application to be considered, all parts of the application must be complete upon submission. Grant Application forms can be found online at the PSU History Department website at for your information and use.

  • Complete all sections of the cover sheet.
  • The project narrative must include detailed information on how this project, event, or publication advances your scholarly work and fulfills the mission of the Friends of History.
  • The budget summary should list all sources of funding associated with this request.
  • The budget narrative should have a list that corresponds with each item in the budget summary that explains how each source of revenue was calculated (e.g. per diem rates).
  • Students requesting funding must submit one letter of support from a PSU faculty member.
  • Completed applications may be left in the Friends of History mail box in the Portland State University History Department or mailed to the FOH chair c/o of the PSU History Department, P.O. Box 751, Portland, OR 97207. You may call the History department at 503-725-3917 for further information.



An evaluation form will be submitted to FOH by the grant applicant/recipient within one month of project completion. This evaluation form is also available online at the website for your use and information.



Fall funding requests due by October 1.

Winter funding requests due by January 1.

Spring funding requests due by April 1.


Application and Evaluation Forms

Grant Application form:

Evaluation form: