Student FAQ

Tk20 access

Students enrolled in the majority of COE academic programs are assessed a one-time Tk20 Assessment Fee as part of their tuition and fees. This one-time fee allows the COE to create an account for you in Tk20, our data management system. Your professors will use Tk20 to collect certain assignments, your supervisors will use it to record field experience data, and your advisor may use it to check your academic progress. Once your account has been created, you can log in to Tk20 any time using your Odin and password. If you have questions about account access, completing assignments, or other tasks related to your Tk20 account, please e-mail, or drop by the Technology Center and ask for help. We can often resolve your Tk20 issues more quickly in person!

If at any time while at the COE you change your name or your Odin account name, please be sure to get in touch, so that we can update your Tk20 account to reflect that change.

edTPA support

If you are preparing to embark upon the journey that is the edTPA portfolio process, please visit and familiarize yourself with the edTPA for Candidates website, as well as the accompanying D2L course, edTPA Video Training. Should you have general questions about edTPA, please discuss them with your professors or your cohort leader. They will refer you to the School's edTPA Coordinator as needed.

At the COE, Tk20 is used to collect and submit all of your edTPA portfolio materials. If you have any technical questions about that part of the process, or about the video components of your portfolio, Technology Services staff are ready to help. We offer dedicated edTPA small group support during Winter and Spring terms, and encourage you to make use of the Technology Center lab as you are preparing your video files or uploading portfolio content to Tk20.

edTPA equipment loans (2020)

To further support students completing the edTPA portfolio, the Technology Center offers a limited number of video recording devices for short-term loan. Items available to edTPA-completing students:

  • video cameras
  • video camera tripods
  • iPad minis with Movie Pro and Video Slimmer apps

Video cameras and tripods can be checked out for a maximum of three weeks; iPads may be checked out through the end of spring term. Students must provide their own SD cards for recording video on video cameras.

We have fewer devices than we have enrolled students, so availability cannot be guaranteed and loans are made on a first-come, first-served basis by appointment.

Note: The Tech Center is currently closed to student access during the COVID-19 closure at PSU. Equipment loans are currently suspended until further notice. If you have already borrowed equipment, you will be emailed with instructions on how to return it.

Steps to a successful edTPA equipment check-out:

  1. To begin an equipment request, students should fill out the edTPA equipment loan request form (2020).
  2. Once the form has been submitted, students should visit the edTPA Equipment Check-Out Calendar for Winter-Spring 2020 to select a specific date and 10-minute time for a pick-up appointment.
  3. Students should come to the Technology Center (FAB 270) for their pick-up appointment. They should arrive prepared to log into their e-mail, and with their student ID in hand.
  4. The iPad check-out process takes about 10 minutes; we encourage students to budget time for the visit, rather than make an appointment for a time when they will be in a rush.

Odin accounts

Your Odin account and password work for logging in on Windows and Mac workstations in PSU computer labs and classrooms, signing in to your email (Gmail) and G Suite apps, connecting to Banweb, D2L, and PSU Secure wireless, and more.

To change your password or manage your account, please visit the Odin Account Manager.
For more information about Odin accounts, please visit Odin Account.

Acceptable Use Policy

PSU's Acceptable Use Policy governs all of your uses of campus computer [information] or networking systems, including COE computers and iPads. Please review and be mindful of this policy.

How to get help

For on-site help or COE-specific questions, please contact:

For campus-wide, off-site, or after hours help, please contact the Office of Information Technology help desk: