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Faculty & Staff

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Mary Allender

Adjunct Faculty

(503) 725-5935 | | CH 287-L

Industrial Organization, International Economics and Finance, Natural Resource Economics


Patricia Atkinson

Adjunct Faculty

(503) 725-3907| | CH 240

Microeconomic Theory, Macroeconomic Theory, Econometrics


Randy Bluffstone


(503) 725-3938| | CH 241-I

Environmental and Resource Economics, Sustainable Development, Economic Development, Economics of Transition


Jamein Cunningham

Assistant Professor

(503) 725-3934| | CH 241-R

Crime, Law, Poverty, Labor, Microeconomics


John Luke Gallup

Associate Professor

(503) 725-3929| | CH 241-Q

Development Economics, Labor Economics, Geography, Applied Econometrics


Charles Grant

Adjunct Faculty

(503) 725-5485 | | CH 241-S

Microeconomics, International Trade,  International Finance, Managerial Economics


John B. Hall


(503) 725-3939| | CH 241-P

Comparative Economics, Economics of Transition, History of Economic Thought, Institutional Economics, Post-Keynesian Economics, Sustainability and Development, Economics of Frontier Regions


Hiro Ito


(503) 725-3930| | CH 241-F

International Finance, East Asian Economies, Macroeconomics, Japanese Economy


Fred Keast

Adjunct Faculty

(503) 725-5934 || CH 287-L

Microeconomic Theory, Macroeconomic Theory, Energy Economics


Chantha Kim

Adjunct Faculty

(503) 725-3907 | | CH 240



Kuan-Pin Lin


(503) 725-3931| | CH 241-G

Econometrics, Mathematical Economics, Microeconomic Theory, Chinese Economy


Arnab Mitra

Assistant Professor

(503) 725-3937| | CH 241-N

Environmental Economics, Experimental Economics, Microeconomics


Sudeshna Pal

Adjunct Faculty

(503) 725-3907 | | CH 287L

Applied Econometrics, Political Economy, Macroeconomics, Economic Growth and Development, International Trade


Mike Paruszkiewicz

Adjunct Faculty | URB 780K

Local and Regional Economics


Thomas Potiowsky

Professor and Department Chair

(503) 725-2288| | CH 241-H

Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Applied Econometrics, Oregon Economy



Cesar M. Rodriguez

Assistant Professor

(503) 725-3943| | CH 241-M

Macroeconomics, Economic Growth, Development Economics, Impact Evaluation, Latin American Economics


Rajiv L. Sharma

Associate Professor

(503) 725-3925| | CH 241-U

Health Economics, Microeconomics


Sarah Tinkler


(503) 725-3933| | CH 241-L

Women in the Economy, Labor Economics, International Economics, Economic Educations


Michael Wilkerson

Adjunct Faculty


J. Forrest Williams

Assistant Professor

(503) 725-3908| | CH 241-T

Charitable giving, Public Economics, Macroeconomics and Public Finance


James Woods

Assistant Professor

(503) 465-4883| | CH 241-O

Energy Economics, Behavioral Economics


Rossitza Wooster

Associate Professor

(503) 725-3944| | CH 241-J

International Trade, Game Theory, Econometrics Mathematical Economics


Affiliate Faculty

Sahan Dissanayake, Affiliate Professor

Justin Elardo, Adjunct Faculty | CH 287-L

Noah H. Enelow, Affiliate Faculty

Robin Hahnel, Affiliate Faculty

Josh Harwood, Adjunct Faculty

Jeff Renfro, Adjunct Faculty

Leopoldo Rodriguez, International Studies
(503) 725-8245 | | EH 307

Kristen A. Sheeran, Affiliate Faculty


Anh Ly, Department Manager
(503) 725-3936 | | CH 241-E>

Margie Port, Office Coordinator
(503) 725-3974 | | CH 241-A

Other Faculty & Staff