Faculty & Staff

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Full-time Faculty

Grace ArnoldGrace Arnold

Assistant Professor

(503) 725-3931| garnold@pdx.edu | CH 241-G

Research Interests: Labor and Health Economics



Randy Bluffstone 


(503) 725-3938| bluffsto@pdx.edu | CH 241-I

Research Interests: environmental & resource economics, including climate change, energy, pollution control and deforestation in low-income countries



Sahan Dissanayake photo

Sahan Dissanayake

Assistant Professor

(503) 725-9315| sahan@pdx.edu | CH 241-F

Research Interests: Environmental Economics, Natural Resource Economics, Mathematical Programming, Ecosystem Services, Non-Market Valuation


John Luke Gallup

Associate Professor

(503) 725-3929| jlgallup@pdx.edu | CH 241-Q

Research Interests: Economic Development, Health Economics, Distribution and Inequality, Geography


John B. Hall


(503) 725-3939| hallj@pdx.edu | CH 241-P

Research Interests: Comparative Economic Systems, Evolutionary-Institutional Economics, Economics of Innovation, Frontier Economy of Amazon River Valley


Hiro Ito

Professor and Department Chair

(503) 725-3930| ito@pdx.edu | CH 241-H

Research Interests: Monetary economics, International finance, Economic development, Asian economics


Riju JoshiRiju Joshi

Assistant Professor

(503) 725-3934| riju@pdx.edu | CH 241-R

Research Interests: Econometric Methodology


Associate Professor

(503) 725-3937| amitra@pdx.edu | CH 241-N

Research Interests: Behavioral Economics, Environmental Economics, and Microeconomics


Cesar M. Rodriguez

Associate Professor and Graduate Director

(503) 725-3943| cesar.rodriguez@pdx.edu | CH 241-M

Research Interests: International Economics, Macroeconomics, Growth and Development Economics, Latin American Economies



Rajiv L. Sharma


(503) 725-3925| sharmar@pdx.edu | CH 241-U

Research interests: Access and disparities in health care; consumer preferences and behavior; cost-effectiveness analysis


Sarah Tinkler


(503) 725-3933| tinkler@pdx.edu | CH 241-L

Research Interests: Economics education, computational linguistics, health economics


J. Forrest Williams

Assistant Professor

(503) 725-3908| forrest.williams@pdx.edu | CH 241-T

Research Economics: Behavioral Economics, Charitable Giving, Experimental Economics


James Woods

Assistant Professor and Undergraduate Director

(503) 465-4883| woodsj@pdx.edu | CH 241-O

Research Interests: Energy Economics


Adjunct Faculty

Patricia Atkinson

Adjunct Faculty

(503) 725-3907| paa@pdx.edu | CH 240

Microeconomic Theory, Macroeconomic Theory, Econometrics


Eric FruitsEric Fruits

Adjunct Faculty


Urban Economics


Chantha Kim

Adjunct Faculty

(503) 725-3907 | chantha@pdx.edu | CH 240



Sudeshna Pal

Adjunct Faculty

(503) 725-3907 | sudeshna@pdx.edu | CH 240

Applied Econometrics, Environmental Economics and Regional Energy Policy


Mike Paruszkiewicz

Adjunct Faculty


Local and Regional Economics


Affiliate Faculty


Robin Hahnel, Affiliate Faculty

Fred Keast, Affiliate Faculty

Leopoldo Rodriguez, International Studies
(503) 725-8245 | leopoldo@pdx.edu | EH 346

Rossitza Wooster, Dean of Graduate Studies


Anh Ly, Department Manager
(503) 725-3936 | ly@pdx.edu | CH 241-E>

Margie Port-Hansen, Office Coordinator
(503) 725-3974 | mport@pdx.edu | CH 241-A