How to Request Accommodations

Welcome to the Disability Resource Center!

To get started with the DRC, you must first engage in the interactive process described below to set up your accommodations. Once your reasonable accommodations for equitable access to your education are established, DRC Staff will serve as a support to you during your time at P.S.U..

How to Request Disability-Related Accommodations

  1. Fill out the application form in DRC Online and schedule an initial appointment with a DRC Access Counselor & Consultant (AC&C). Contact the front desk at 503-725-4150, email, or stop by our office at S.M.S.U. 116. 
  2. Your experience of your disability as a student and part of the P.S.U. community is the most important factor in determining your accommodations. During your appointment, you and your AC&C will work together to determine what reasonable accommodations and supports will best meet your needs. You and your AC&C will discuss the specific impact of your disability in an academic setting and in other aspects of university life. This interactive process will serve as our primary source of information about your disability and may be all we need to develop an accommodation plan that meets your needs. Your AC&C will let you know if we need additional information to support your request, such as a letter from a provider, our supplemental documentation form, previous records of accommodations, or another source.  If you are requesting the use of a support animal or other accommodations in P.S.U. Campus Housing, please visit our Accessible Housing page for more information.
  3. At the conclusion of the interactive process between you and your AC&C and receipt of any further information needed, your AC&C will determine reasonable accommodations to best support your access to education and university life at P.S.U. 
  4. We will orient you to your specific services and guide you through the process of activating your service request each term for each course. After you complete your service requests, your instructors will receive your faculty letter, which identifies you as a student registered with the DRC and lists the accommodations you have chosen for their classes.
Tutorial on filling out the DRC Accommodation Application form.


When should I contact the DRC?

It's never too early! We advise new students to contact the DRC prior to their first term on campus. Keep in mind that accommodations are not retroactive, so you must have DRC support in place prior to the time you need accommodations.

I'm not sure I have a disability. What should I do?

The vast majority of students registered with the DRC have disabilities such as Attention-Deficit Disorder, Learning Disabilities, or Mental Health Diagnoses, Chronic Medical Conditions, and others which are all less “visible” or less apparent disabilities. If you suspect that you may have a disability, but are not sure, we encourage you to talk to us anyway!  With your help, we will be able to determine if you have a disability or direct you to resources for assessment. 

What do I need to do to receive accommodations with the DRC?

In order to receive accommodations, you need to meet with a DRC Access Counselor & Consultant for an initial appointment. We will discuss any accommodations that will support your equitable access to education and university life. Once reasonable accommodations have been determined, the DRC will send your instructors a Faculty Notification Letter, which will list and explain the accommodations for which you are eligible. It is vital that you communicate with your instructors to ensure they received the letter in order to discuss a plan for you to receive your accommodations in each class.

Is there tutoring on campus?

Yes! The Learning Center, located on the second floor of Millar Library, provides free tutoring services for most 100 and 200 level courses (Math, Science, Foreign Language, Physics, Economics, and Statistics), learning workshops, supplemental instruction, academic coaching, study space, and a resource area. P.S.U. also offers a Writing Center located in Cramer Hall where trained professional consultants and staff provide non-judgmental, collaborative support to students, faculty, and community members in all stages of the writing process.

Does P.S.U. offer campus living accommodations (i.e., residence hall, meal plan, etc.)?

Yes! Portland State University offers a variety of campus living accommodations to students who qualify, including but not limited to: accessible residence hall rooms, access to kitchens or kitchenettes, emotional support animals, and more. If you feel you may qualify for  accommodations in University Housing or Campus Dining or if you're curious about others we may provide living accommodations based on a disability, contact the DRC.

Are accommodations available to me while I’m studying abroad?

Accommodations may be available to you while you’re studying in another country. Those accommodations may need to be different than those you may receive while on the P.S.U. campus. To find out what accommodations are available to you, please contact your Ed Abroad Advisor or your DRC Access Counselor & Consultant, or see more information on the Students with Disabilities Study Abroad webpage.

Additional Questions?

For more Frequently Asked Questions, please visit our Student F.A.Q. page. If you have any questions, please visit our Virtual Front Desk, give us a call at 503-725-4150, or email us at

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