DRC Job Opportunities

The Disability Resource Center (DRC) employs student workers in a variety of engaging positions. Students working part-time in the DRC have the opportunity to develop skills in accessible design, data management, administrative and support services, and many other areas.

In addition to adding these great qualities and skills to their résumés, students working in the DRC can also take advantage of this incredible employment and learning opportunity to find out more about disability rights and universal design.

What is it Like Working in the DRC?

By working in the DRC, you become a part of a passionate and supportive team that strives to support students with disabilities, while also gaining transferrable skills, unique knowledge, and rewarding experiences. Student workers have said that some of the things they most enjoy about working in the DRC include:

  • Working in a friendly and inclusive environment 
  • Being around people who understand that accessibility is an essential aspect of all spaces 
  • Having a work environment that is accepting and understanding towards individuals and their disabilities
  • Getting to know students who use the office’s services and spaces
  • Making friends with wonderful coworkers 
  • Having coworkers who are conscious of using correct pronouns and eliminating gendered language, ableism, and racism
  • Knowing that their work helps make a difference for P.S.U. students

Some of our positions can also bring unexpected benefits, like how a former note taker described feeling prepared and motivated in courses:

I like note taking because it keeps me alert during class, and knowing that someone else is counting on my notes being clear means that they will be easier for me to study from in the long run, too. I'm really happy to hear that my notes are helping someone out.

What Jobs are Available in the DRC?

There are several different areas and programs within the DRC that you could participate in as a student employee. Please refer to the Handshake employment database for open positions. The following are positions that are typically held by student employees:

If you have any questions or would like to know more about working at the DRC, please contact us.

Email: drc@pdx.edu
Phone: 503-725-4150

Check our home page for hours, Virtual Front Desk information, Drop-in schedules, and to see if we are working remotely.