ReadOregon Online Reading Endorsement

The ReadOregon program is intended to offer licensed PreK-12 teachers a rich professional development opportunity in literacy instruction, assessment, research and theory. The program is fully online and its courses are aligned to five themes: Literacy Foundations, Strategies & Methods, Diverse Learners, Assessment, and Leadership. To earn the literacy endorsement, students take a course from each theme, two electives, complete a 90-hour practicum, and pass the Praxis reading specialist test.

The ReadOregon program

Program benefits

  • Acquire a deeper understanding of literacy theories and research
  • Learn methods for using emerging technologies to support students’ reading and writing development
  • Earn credentials that can be used to advance your career
  • Receive a salary increase if you complete the ReadOregon program as part of an MA/MS degree
  • Have the ability to more effectively prepare your students for academic, career, and life success
  • Instructors have a deep commitment to equity, diversity, cultural competence, and inclusivity.

Endorsement program requirements

  • Formal admission to the university
  • Successful course completion
  • 90-hour practicum
  • Passing grade on the Praxis Reading Specialist test
  • Finish licensure paperwork for PSU and TSPC

Additional financial information