ReadOregon Online Reading Endorsement

The ReadOregon program is intended to offer licensed PreK-12 teachers a rich professional development opportunity in literacy instruction, assessment, research and theory. The program is fully online and its courses are aligned to five themes: Literacy Foundations, Strategies & Methods, Diverse Learners, Assessment, and Leadership. To earn the literacy endorsement, students take a course from each theme, two electives, complete a 90-hour practicum, and pass the Praxis reading specialist test.

The ReadOregon program

Program benefits

  • Acquire a deeper understanding of literacy theories and research
  • Learn methods for using emerging technologies to support students’ reading and writing development
  • Earn credentials that can be used to advance your career
  • Receive a salary increase if you complete the ReadOregon program as part of an MA/MS degree
  • Have the ability to more effectively prepare your students for academic, career, and life success
  • Instructors have a deep commitment to equity, diversity, cultural competence, and inclusivity.

Endorsement program requirements

  • Formal admission to the university
  • Successful course completion
  • 90-hour practicum
  • Passing grade on the Praxis Reading Specialist test
  • Finish licensure paperwork for PSU and TSPC


The ReadOregon program at Portland State University meets the Oregon State educational requirements for licensure or certification in Oregon.

Because licensure requirements vary from state to state, Portland State University is unable to determine if the academic training meets requirements for states other than Oregon. Program participants who are interested in working professionally outside of Oregon should visit the state licensing web page for the specific state in which they hope to practice.

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