Courses and Syllabi

Below is the current selection of courses offered through Challenge. All courses are 100-200 catalog-listed general requirements that earn four credits (except for The Global City, which earns 5 credits) and exceed regular high school curriculum. Syllabi from various PSU classes serve as a guide for our high school instructors.

Because PSU is on the quarter system and high schools are generally on the semester system, course length will depend both on the school's needs and what the Department feels best serves students. Regardless of how long the course is, registration always occurs at the start of the course. Typically 2-sequenced courses map to high school semesters (registering for PSU fall and winter quarters); 3-sequenced courses follow the PSU quarter registration (registering for PSU fall, winter, spring) and some courses map to the entire academic year (registering for PSU fall quarter).




MATHEMATICS AND STATISTICS (NOTE: in some schools, where there are enough advanced students to warrant a class, we may offer more rigorous courses than what is listed below)

WORLD LANGUAGES & LITERATURES (NOTE: as of 2013, these classes are closed to new programming)