New Student Registration

New Student Registration

Before you Start the Registration Process determine whether you will need to upload any documentation in order to complete your registration. This is the case if:

  • You have less than a 3.0 cumulative GPA.  You will need to upload a transcript for consideration.
  • You are eligible for financial aid. You will need to upload either your Free or Reduced lunch letter from this year or last year, or a school-issued letter verifying need or this signed Challenge Program form.

Request Classes:

Enter your email into the PSU Dual Credit Registration Portal. Check your email for one titled High School Dual Credit Program: Verification email (1st EMAIL) with a “Verify Email” link. Click on the link to go to the application.

Complete the Student Account Application Form. Continue to the Registration for Dual Credit Courses Form, selecting program (Challenge), school, grade level, GPA, Free/Reduced lunch eligibility. Upload documentation if required. Select your class(es).

When you click this SUBMIT button, you will see a jumping Viking with the message that “Your registration has been submitted.” Check your email for a registration submission confirmation email (2nd EMAIL).

✪ From this point forward, any additional communication about your registration request will come to your preferred email you entered on the first page. If you need to change or add anything, log back in by going back to, clicking on “Registration” and entering your email again.

Program Approval (and PSU Odin Account Setup):

Challenge will be monitoring these requests as they come in, checking for appropriate documentation and any program eligibility issues while the Registrar’s Office creates your PSU computer account, called an Odin account.  This process can take from 10 minutes to two days. Check your email.

During this time you will receive notice (3rd EMAIL) that your PSU account is ready to be activated. This email will include your Odin username, PSU ID number, Odin Account Activation Code, and a link to (Odin Account Management system). Click on this to activate your Odin account. (Keep this email so that you have a record of your PSU ID number.)


✪ You will NOT be registered until you have paid for the course(s). The cost remains $220 per course (or $50 per course for those with documented financial need) with a 2% credit card fee. 


Once your registration request is approved and you have activated your Odin account, you are ready for the final step, which is to pay. You will receive a next-steps email (4th EMAIL). If you have not activated your Odin account, it will remind you to do so.

Click on the link to review and pay, signing in with your Odin login and password. After review, click on the “Pay Now” button, which will take you to the secure payment page. Once you submit your payment, you will receive a payment receipt by email (5th EMAIL). NO REFUNDS.