Postbaccalaureate Pre-Admission Advising

The decision to complete a second bachelor's degree, certificate or a pre-professional program should be undertaken with as much information as possible. Thus, it is recommended that prospective students speak with an advisor or faculty member in the program they are considering prior to applying for admission.

Please click on a link below to learn more about academic advising in the following programs or areas of interest:

Postbaccalaureate Advising After Admission

Post-bac students are not required to attend an Orientation. To assist with the transition to Portland State, new post-bac students should review the Postbaccalaureate Checklist which details the steps to take before signing up for classes.

Academic advising for post-bac students who are completing a second bachelor’s degree, certificate or pre-professional program is provided by their school/college or program. Students should familiarize themselves with the graduation requirements for completing a 2nd bachelor’s degree. International students should be aware of writing and degree requirements.

Postbaccalaureate students who are preparing to enter a graduate program should contact the Office of Graduate Studies at

Advising for Students Admitted to a Graduate Program

Academic advising for students admitted to any graduate programs is offered by the individual graduate programs. If they have questions about how to locate their graduate advisor, students should contact the Office of Graduate Studies at