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Transfer evaluation reports

Student Advising

As part of the undergraduate admission process, classes taken at other colleges are evaluated and added to the student record. At that point, students may run a Transfer Evaluation Report in DARS (Degree Audit Reporting System) to identify how classes taken elsewhere apply to the general requirements for a baccalaureate degree at PSU. The "t-eval" is based on requirements in the current catalog; students may be eligible to use the requirements from a previous catalog and should speak to an advisor about their options. Major requirements are not included in the t-eval, but students may run a report specific to their major, degree, and catalog in DARS as well. 

Please note: It is the student's responsibility to submit official transcripts from all schools attended. Any coursework taken after the initial transfer evaluation is produced will be added 6-8 weeks after the updated transcript has been received by the Admissions office.

Below is a sample of what the t-eval looks like. Explanations of each column are listed under the footnotes:

1  Total number of credits accepted by PSU
2  GPA based on calculation of points/GPA hours. The transfer GPA is not calculated in the same way as the "admission GPA" or honors categories at graduation. The transfer GPA for individual schools, colleges, or programs my be calculated differently.
3  Term course was originally taken. The t-eval lists courses in chronological order from oldest to newest.
4  PSU equivalent, i.e., how the course was accepted. Courses with direct equivalents will be accepted with specific course numbers (e.g., MTH 111); courses with unknown equivalents will be listed as LD (lower-division) UD (upper-division). Students may present a course description to the  academic department in question and request a re-evaluation.
5  Credits accepted in terms of quarter credit hours. Any semester credits have been converted by multiplying by 1.5. Some courses may have zero credit or reduced credit and are noted when courses are duplicated, taken out of sequence, exceed credit maximums or are non-transferable. 
6  Course grade. The "T" preceding indicates it is a transfer grade. If multiple courses are combined for an average GPA, a "TV" will precede the grade; if the course is vocational, no grade is included.
7  Name of original transfer course along with the abbreviation of the institution from which it transferred. 

For detailed information on PSU's transfer credit policies, click here.