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Scholarships are a form of aid (free money) to help you invest in your future. Portland State offers many scholarship choices for undergraduate, post baccalaureate and graduate students. No matter what your level of education is, it's a good idea to apply for scholarships at the same time as you apply for admission to PSU.

Incoming Freshman Scholarship Application is Now Open

The deadline for incoming freshmam applicants to submit the online application is December 1, 2016. 



The online scholarship applications for continuing and transfer undergraduates and graduate students become available October 1, 2016. The deadline for incoming transfer and continuing applicants to submit the online application is February 1, 2017. Scholarships awarded in this process will be available to students the following (2017-2018) academic year. 

Additional Scholarship Information 

Consider applying for the following scholarships available at Portland State University through the online scholarship applications:

Many additional scholarships (academic departmental scholarships) can be found and applied for individually by searching the Scholarship Database.

External Scholarship Opportunities  

Scholarships are offered by outside organizations too. Consider applying for these scholarships.