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The ergonomics program at Portland State University is in place to support a healthy work environment by reducing strain associated with:

  • forceful exertions
  • repetitive motion
  • awkward or static postures. 

Discomfort that is associated with these factors can be reduced by neutral body positioning, workspace arrangement, and use of recovery periods.  For most employees who spend their workday at a computer workstation, a reliable task chair and an articulating keyboard tray are recommended.

For ergonomic assistance, please follow the recommendations below:

  1. Watch the training video
  2. Complete the ergonomics self-assessment.  
  3. After doing so, if you have additional concerns and would like to request an in-person evaluation of your work station, submit a work order by calling 5-2FIX or click here.  
    1. Evaluations are conducted at no cost to your department. 
    2. Requests for workstation modifications (desk height adjustments, installation of keyboard trays that you have purchased, etc.) can also be made by calling 5-2FIX.  

Work-related Injuries

Employees who suspect that they have developed a work-related injury should submit a completed injury report form to Human Resources.  Human Resources can also assist departments that must provide accommodations for employees with ADA-qualified disabilities.

Ergonomic Resources

Full-length ergonomics training video: Office Ergonomics (12:12)

Individual Video Segments from above Office Ergonomics video:

Ergonomics Assessment Form: SAIF Ergonomics Self-Assessment

More Useful Links: