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All forms are available for download at

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See OGS deadlines

The following is based on a 45-credit degree program.
  • A "Conditional Admit" must be removed before the GO-12 can be approved. Students will need to work with an advisor if a condition has been placed on admission into a degree program.
  • If foreign language proficiency is required (Master of Arts), student must connect with the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures (NH 393). The Foreign Language department will submit the results of the foreign language exam or equivalent to the Office of Graduate Studies. This requirement must be met before the GO-12 can be approved.
  • Courses taken prior to formal admission to the graduate degree program and/or transferred in credits from another accredited institution are limited to 15 credit hours and must be approved by the Office of Graduate Studies. It is suggested that this form be submitted early in the student's program; this must be processed before the GO-12 can be approved.
    • P/NP grades taken prior to admission or at another institution are NOT transferable. 
    • Courses with grades lower than B- are NOT transferable. 
    • Courses used in any other degree program are not usable.
  • Submit a final Graduate Degree Program form, planned with and approved by the student's faculty advisor and signed off by the department chair, and submitted to the Office of Graduate Studies for approval. Course prefixes, numbers, and titles should be listed as shown chronologically on the planned program of study or transcript.
    • At the time of graduation, no course on the GO-12 may be more than 7-years old.
  • If there are any changes on the approved graduate degree program (GO-12), a Change in Graduate Degree Program form must be submitted and approved by the Office of Graduate Studies.
  • Finally, upon the completion of all final evaluation procedures THE DEPARTMENT is responsible for filling out the Recommendation for the Degree (GO-17M) form and submitting it to the Office of Graduate Studies for final approval.
    • A minimum enrollment of one credit is required during the term in which oral or written exams are taken.

Thesis only

  • A thesis student must be registered for at least one credit in every term in which the student is working on any phase of their thesis, including data development or collection, writing, revision, defense. This must also be finalized through acceptance by the Office of Graduate StudiesSee OGS deadlines

If student is doing a formal thesis:

  • Thesis proposal, Human Subjects Research Review Committee approval, and appointment of departmental thesis committee must be completed before submission of the GO-12.
  • Advisor submits the Appointment of Final Oral Examination Committee form for appointment of the Representative of the Office of Graduate Studies. 
  • The oral examination must be scheduled at least five weeks prior to the end of the term and the Graduate Office Representative must receive a complete copy of the thesis at least two weeks prior to the examination date. For summer term, the oral examination must be held during the regular eight week session. 
  • Student must check with faculty advisor and thesis committee chair to assure completion of requirements prior to final examinations.
  • Three copies of the unbound thesis and four copies of the abstract, in final approved form, must be submitted to the Office of Graduate Studies at least three weeks prior to close of the term in which the degree will be granted.

Required Thesis changes must be made before graduation will be granted.

Questions about any part of the graduation process can be answered by calling the
Office of Graduate Studies, 503-725-8410.