Resources and Reporting

Feedback, Reporting, and Assistance

Do you have feedback on how to make the Toulan School of Urban Studies and Planning a more inclusive and equitable community? 

Are you experiencing any DEI-related issues (such as racial bias, sexual harassment, and misconduct)?

Do you have other DEI-related feedback? See for what we mean by DEI. (Note: If you have other feedback that is not specifically about DEI, e.g. about program requirements, please communicate that to your program's student representatives, the program committees (Undergrad Executive Committee, MURP Executive Committee, Urban Studies Executive Committee, or the Director).

Below are some options for giving feedback, reporting and/or seeking assistance. 

Department-level options

  1. Email the DEI committee at: We can both hear and act on feedback and provide assistance to individuals on deciding next steps.
  2. Submit anonymous feedback using this form, which goes to the TSUSP DEI committee. The Committee reviews submissions monthly, and decides next steps.
  3. Contact the Director of the Toulan School of Urban Studies and Planning, Dr. Aaron Golub, 

College-level options

  1. Contact the Dean of the College of Urban and Public Affairs, Dr. Sy Adler, 

University-level options

  1. Submit a Bias Incident Report Form, which goes to Global Diversity & Inclusion and Campus Public Safety.
  2. File a complaint of discrimination against a PSU student, staff, or faculty member who you believe is engaging in discriminatory conduct against you or others. The Office of Equity & Compliance will work with you to determine if an investigation is appropriate. 
  3. If you wish to submit a conduct complaint or a violation of the Student or Faculty Code of Conduct, check out these resources from the Dean of Student Life 

If you have a concern relating to a student or other PSU community member in crisis, you can contact CARE (Coordination, Assessment, Response Education)

Make sure you prioritize self care!  Also check out Student Resources such as counseling.

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