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Want to be a better student? The Learning Center can provide academic coaching, tips on studying and improving your learning process, self-managment, study guides, language dictionaries, subject-specific textbooks and wide variety of handouts to help you achieve your academic goals.

Academic Coaching

For help with study strategies such as reading more effectively, organizing your time, how to approach a test, etc., learn how you can meet with an academic coach.

General Studying Help

Term-At-A-Glance PLANNER Calendar - Fall 2017

Term-At-Glance TERM Calender - Fall 2017

Ending Procrastination

Cooperative Collaborative Learning

Staying Motivated

Take Control of Your Homework

Using Memory Effectively

Personal Time Survey - Self-managment Tips for PSU Students

Self-management & To-do List with Monthly Calendar Tool

Self-mangement Hints

Preview, Read Actively, and Recall Method of Studying


Test-taking Help

Tests:  Prepping and Taking

Emergency Test Preparation

Tips for different kinds of tests

Reduce Test Anxiety in Seven Days


Language Help

Arabic Alphabet

Arabic Verbs and Tip Sheet

French Language Resource Packet

German Language Resource Packet

Russian Declensions for Regular Nouns Chart

Spanish:  Direct and Indirect Object Pronouns

Spanish:  Para y Por

Spanish:  Practicar el Subjuntivo

Spanish:  Problems Using la, le, lo

Spanish:  Relative Pronouns & Expressions


Biology / Chemistry Help

Chemistry Unit Analysis

Chemistry 221: General Trends of the Periodic Table

Chemistry 221: The Basics of Balancing Chemical Equations


Math, Statistics, Trig Help

Common Errors in Agebra and Calculus

BA 211 Financial Accounting Tip Sheet

Calculus:  Common Derivatives & Integrals

Differential Equations ODE Flow Chart

Studying for Calculus I (MTH 251)

Probability Handout

Probability:  Dice

Algebra Tip Sheet

Business Statistics:  Hyp Testing Flow Chart

Non-Business Statistics:  Hyp Testing Flow Chart

Trig Tip Sheet

Classical Mechanics



Calculator Help

Useful Math Functions for TI-83 & TI-84 Users

TI-83 or TI-84 for Business Statistics

TI-83 TI-83 Plus or TI-84 for Non-Business Statistics

TI-89 or TI-92 Plus, & Voyager 200 for Business Statistics

TI-89, TI-92 Plus or Voyage 200 for Non-Business Statistics