Academic Coaching



We're excited to meet with you via Zoom!

We are available to answer any questions. Call us at (503) 725-4448!

Our academic coaching services are now 100% remote! We're here to support you on your path to academic success, and you can reach us just the same as before! Details on how to schedule an appointment are below.
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Two ways to schedule an appointment:

  1. Call the Learning Center at 503.725.4448
  2. Fill out the Academic Coaching Appointment Request Form

PSU’s Learning Center offers a flexible coaching service that allows students to work with coaches in creating measurable plans to meet their academic goals. These goals may address school/life balance, active learning strategies and various approaches to studying course content, improving communication skills, and learning of resources on and off campus. Coaches are graduate students, and coaching is open to all PSU students.

Students who engage with an Academic Coach will be able to:

  • Acquire and utilize learning strategies that can be used to have a deeper understanding of the material presented in class.
  • Reflect on their approaches to learning in order to make changes as needed.
  • Report a behavioral change which will enhance their success or effectivenss as a learner.
  • Create, note, and assess individual goals.

Coaching is not academic advising. If you'd like help planning your courses, understanding a degree audit, or have other questions regarding courses related to your major or degree program, please see an academic adviser in your major department.

No-show policy: During any single term, students who miss 3 appointments without communicating to either their academic coach or Learning Center staff in advance will forfeit their preferred appointment time. Scheduling any future appointments will be at the discrection of the academic coach.