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What's the Risk of Being Wrong? Working in the Open

Dr. Katherine Harris will lead "What's the Risk of Being Wrong? Working in…
Add to my Calendar 2021-05-07 10:00:00 2021-05-07 11:30:00 What's the Risk of Being Wrong? Working in the Open Dr. Katherine Harris will lead "What's the Risk of Being Wrong? Working in the Open," a conversation about open access publishing as the culminating event for OAI's Open Education AIM cohort.  Harris is co-editor of Digital Pedagogy in the Humanities, 550 classroom-ready literature & writing assignments. DPiH is the Modern Language Association's first open access publication. She is Director of Public Programming for the College of Humanities & the Arts at San Jose State University, and Professor of English and Digital Humanities. Description: Early in my career, around 2006, I was advised by senior colleagues not to blog. Not to tweet. Not to take on open access projects. Not to write the Academic Senate policy valuing open access scholarship. Not to chair a statewide council about OER. Not to publish in online journals. Not to assign un-essays. Not to publish on the scholarship of teaching and learning. No. No. No. But, my entire career was built on valuing and facilitating the concept of "open" in all of these ways. I ignored by senior colleagues, but not because I was stubborn, but instead because I value public good and the creation of community in all of my scholarly and pedagogical endeavors, including the 10-year project, Digital Pedagogy in the Humanities, an open access, open peer reviewed, openly edited, un-book that values pedagogical materials as scholarship. Now that academia has caught up to all of the risky things that I did during my career and is now encouraging faculty to embrace these kinds of projects, how do we sustain our open work without losing sight of our own foundational values? During this meeting, we’ll work on identifying those core values and discuss how to keep them at the center of your ongoing “open” work. America/Los_Angeles public

Picture A Scientist Virtual Screening

Join us for a virtual screening of Picture A Scientist, a feature-length…
Add to my Calendar 2021-04-26 10:11:13 2021-05-07 10:11:13 Picture A Scientist Virtual Screening Join us for a virtual screening of Picture A Scientist, a feature-length documentary film and official selection of the 2020 Tribeca Film Festival. Synopsis Picture A Scientist is a feature-length documentary film chronicling the groundswell of researchers who are writing a new chapter for women scientists. A biologist, a chemist and a geologist lead viewers on a journey deep into their own experiences in the sciences, overcoming brutal harassment, institutional discrimination, and years of subtle slights to revolutionize the culture of science. From cramped laboratories to spectacular field sites, we also encounter scientific luminaries who provide new perspectives on how to make science itself more diverse, equitable, and open for all. A film by Sharon Shattuck and Ian Cheney Watch the trailer Watch the film (PSU login required) Warning: This film contains content that some viewers may find disturbing. If you have experienced abusive behavior while at Portland State University and would like to make a report, the Campus Public Safety Office provides a variety of on- and off-campus resources. @ This Moment: Picture A Scientist After watching the film, you are invited to participate in a special event presented by the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences @ This Moment series for a candid discussion with six women in STEM at Portland State, at different stages in their careers, as they share their own experiences and insights and the steps PSU can take to create a more inclusive environment. Thursday, May 6, 2021 4:00 - 5:30 p.m. Join the Virtual Zoom Event   Virtual Screening Amy Spring - Amy Spring - America/Los_Angeles public

Transportation & Gentrification: Impacts on Low-income Black…

Portland’s Black population has been heavily impacted by gentrification in…
Add to my Calendar 2021-05-07 11:30:00 2021-05-07 12:30:00 Transportation & Gentrification: Impacts on Low-income Black Households in Portland Portland’s Black population has been heavily impacted by gentrification in the historic Albina community. Nearly half of Portland’s Black population lives in the area east of 82nd Ave, known as East Portland. This has had substantial impacts on both Black households that can continue living in Albina and those living in East Portland. The suburban-esque built environment of East Portland makes it difficult to get around and reach basic necessities. Those living in Albina have taken on exorbitant rents. Both groups suffer from a geographic divide that has made it difficult to rely on family and friends for basic needs like childcare and fulfilling social needs. This seminar, presented by Steven Howland, Ph.D., will walk through those difficulties as found through a qualitative study of 27 low-income Black households in Portland. It also highlights the difficulties those households faced using various modes of transportation, why they chose the modes they did, and how they coped with their mode choices. Hosted by the Transportation Research & Education Center (TREC) DATE:  Friday, May 7, 2021, 11:30am to 12:30pm PDT SPEAKERS:  Steven Howland, Portland State University REGISTER: Register Here   Virtual Event: Register here: Cait McCusker - Cait McCusker - America/Los_Angeles public

Three Minute Thesis (3MT) Competition

The Three Minute Thesis (3MT) competition celebrates the exciting research…
Add to my Calendar 2021-05-06 15:00:00 2021-05-06 17:00:00 Three Minute Thesis (3MT) Competition The Three Minute Thesis (3MT) competition celebrates the exciting research conducted by graduate students. The 3MT competition cultivates students' academic, presentation, and research communications skills. The competition supports their capacity to effectively explain their research in three minutes, in a language appropriate to a non-specialist audience. Currently enrolled master's and doctoral students in all disciplines at Portland State are eligible to participate. Students should be in the final stages of graduate school so they have some sound conclusions and impacts from their research. This year's 3MT competition will take place May 6 from 3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. via a live Zoom Webinar. Three Minute Thesis (3MT) Thursday, May 6, 2021 3:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m. Virtual Event - Cathy Knight - Cathy Knight - America/Los_Angeles public
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Cluster Hire in Critical Thought and Activism

The School of Gender Race and Nations and its four departments are seeking seven applicants whose work is transformative and future-oriented as part of a cluster hire focused on critical thought and activism.

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