Academic Training

J-1 students who wish to work off-campus in an employment or internship opportunity in your field of study may apply for J-1 Academic Training. You must apply before you complete your J-1 student program. Academic Training employment or internships can be paid or unpaid and may be done part-time during your studies or full-time during vacation periods. Many students participate in professional internships immediately following their studies. You may apply to extend your J-1 status to do an Academic Training internship or employment opportunity to begin immediately following your studies.

To qualify you must:

  • be a full-time student in good academic standing,
  • obtain an internship or off-campus employment opportunity in your field of study at PSU,
  • obtain a recommendation from a PSU professor or advisor in your field of study, and
  • obtain authorization from the J-1 International Student and Scholar Advisor before beginning any work.

A J-1 student must have authorization from a J-1 International Student Advisor before beginning any internship. For more information on how to apply for Academic Training, please see the Academic Training Request Form (PDF)

For information on finding and applying for an internship, check with your PSU academic department and the PSU Career Center. The PSU Career Center offers advice on resume and cover letter writing, US interview styles and internship opportunities in your field of study.