Sabbatical Leave

Sabbatical Leave Policies

  • Sabbaticals should be awarded where there are documented academic and scholarly plans for research or scholarship that will enhance the careers and scholarly productivity of the faculty members.
  • Sabbatical must be supported by the departmental chair or program director. 
  • The Dean’s office will accept applications for sabbaticals of one, two, or three terms.
  • Department chairs/directors will normally be ineligible for a sabbatical leave until the conclusion of their terms. *Exceptional cases will be considered by the Dean in consultation with the Provost.

Sabbatical Leave Eligibility

Eligible faculty should be able to answer YES to the following. Do you:

  • Have a rank of senior instructor, assistant professor, associate professor, professor, research associate, or senior research associate?
  • Have continuous appointment of .50 FTE or more without interruption by a sabbatical; appointment can be interrupted by authorized leaves of absence (not a sabbatical). A one-year appointment at less than .50 FTE will count as a period of accumulated service for time requirement. Authorized leave(s) will not prejudice eligibility for sabbatical?
  • Have either: (a) 18 quarters for 9-month faculty (excluding Summer session) or 72 months for 12-month faculty; or (b) accumulated the equivalent of 6.0 FTE years over indefinite period uninterrupted by sabbatical?

Applying for Sabbatical

  1. A statement of purpose for your sabbatical leave request:
    This summary statement (1-2 typed, doubled-spaced pages) should discuss the proposed activities and be informative both to other specialists in the applicant's discipline as well as to other literate readers. The statement should include:
    • objectives for the proposed leave and expected significance;
    • relation to longer-term goals of the applicant's professional career;
    • relation to the applicant's research and/or teaching assignments;
    • a general plan of how the leave time will be spent;
    • a description of any formal or informal study, experiments planned, lectures scheduled, teaching assignments contracted at other institutions, etc.;
    • a description of any grants applied for or received to support the leave.
  2. A current Curriculum Vitae (CV)
  3. Your Department Chair's statement of support to the Dean that includes:
    • a curricular plan to cover faculty member's classes during leave
    • chair's signature

Sabbatical Dates

  • Fall term: from 9/16, 20xx to 12/15, 20xx
  • Winter term: from 12/16, 20xx to 3/15, 20xx
  • Spring term: from 3/16, 20xx to 6/15, 20xx
  • Academic year: from 9/16, 20xx to 6/15, 20xx

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