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October 12, 2017
"Does History Matter?"
lecture by Margaret MacMillan, University of Toronto


May 30, 2017
"The Ethnic Cleansing Solution? Partition and Population Exchange in Syria and Iraq"
lecture by Professor Laura Robson, Portland State University


April 19, 2017
"Can A Political Activist Be A Good Historian?"
lecture by Professor Michael Kazin, Georgetown University


March 24, 2017
"Some Portable Sundials and Their Roman Owners: Issues of Intellect and Values"
lecture by Professor Richard J. A. Talbert | UNC Chapel Hill



October 27, 2016
Sailing from Europe, Sailing from China: Charting Convergences in the 17th-Century World
lecture by Professor Timothy Brook, University of British Columbia in Vancouver

October 6, 2016
"Armies of the Dead: Medieval and Modern"
lecture by Professor Scott G. Bruce, University of Colorado at Boulder


April 28, 2016
26th Annual Young Historians Conference


lecture by Harold James, Professor of History, Princeton University


March 30, 2016
The Pacific is Not a Barrier: Unexpected Crossings Between the Japanese and the French Auto Industries, 1952-2016 Lecture by Professor Patrick Fridenson, École des hautes études en sciences sociales, Paris



October 6, 2015
"Lincoln and the West"
lecture by Professor James M. McPherson, Princeton University
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April 28, 2015
25th Annual Young Historians Conference


April 16, 2015
"On the Transnational Destruction of Cities: What Japan and the U.S. Learned from the Bombing of Britain and Germany in World War II"
lecture by Professor Sheldon Garon, Princeton University


April 2, 2015
“Out of the Trash Heaps: Shantytowns and the Informal Economy in Nineteenth-Century Manhattan”
lecture by Professor Catherine McNeur, Portland State University


February 26, 2015
Memory Wars in East Asia II: Master Narratives of Modern Korean History Told in Museums in Korea
lecture by Professor Ken Ruoff, Portland State University


October 22, 2014
"Modern America's Mysterious Religious Anomalies"
lecture by Professor Jon Butler, Yale University | University of Minnesota
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April 10, 2014
"The Sacred State in Turkish Political History: Continuities and Transformations"
lecture by Prof. Carter Findley, Ohio State University 



October 24, 2013  
"Why Vikings?"
lecture by Professor Anders Winroth, Yale University 
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May 22-24, 2013
Richard Robinson Business History Workshop: 
The Cultural History of Money and Credit



November 1, 2012
"Segregated Life in U.S. Cities—An Era of Racial Borderlands"
lecture by Prof. Al Camarillo, Stanford University


June 5th, 2012
"Termination is Not the End"
lecture by Roberta Ulrich, historian and former Oregonian journalist 


April 25, 2012
"Mad Men, Working ‘Girls,’ & Desperate Housewives: American Women at the Dawn of the 1960’s"
lecture and book signing by Stephanie Coontz, Evergreen State College