In an effort to create greater transparency and address Maseeh College community members’ feedback concerning issues of college climate, the Maseeh College Core Values Committee has created a feedback process and form to better respond to and follow-up with individuals voicing concerns, praise, or other experiences that affect the Maseeh College community. The Maseeh College Values Committee is focused on promoting a more inclusive and equitable college environment.

Faculty, staff, and students are welcome to provide feedback on their experiences, their suggestions, or  by communicating with one of the committee members or scheduling time to speak at one of our monthly meetings. Please contact the committee chair if you would like to join one of our upcoming virtual meetings.

Core Values

Our shared values are the foundation of our vision and underlie all that we do as a Maseeh College community. As we strive for excellence in all aspects of our mission, we choose to do so with honesty, transparency and integrity, and with respect for others and the value of their contributions. We are strongly committed to social equity and expanding opportunities for social mobility for our students and the communities that we serve. The Maseeh College is an open and safe place and we welcome and foster diversity in people and ideas. We value being an access university, serving nontraditional & underserved communities, providing opportunities for learning outside of the classroom and supporting students to be innovators. Our graduates are remarkably resilient, socially-aware lifelong learners. Our research is characterized by engagement with the engineering community, service to the Oregon economy, and collaborative partnerships.

Maseeh College Values Committee Members

  • Annette Dietz, Senior Instructor I - Civil and Environmental Engineering 
  • Kylie Green, Undergraduate Coordinator - Electrical and Computer Engineering 
  • Kiley Melicker, Academic Program Administrator - Civil and Environmental Engineering 
  • Gerald Recktenwald, Associate Professor, Mechanical and Materials Engineering 
  • Thomas Schumacher, Associate Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering 
  • Jodi Stiegemeyer, Engineering, Computer Science, Math, and Physics Advising Pathway Director 
  • Chair: Joyce Pieretti, Director of Diversity, Recruitment, and Retention

Submit your feedback to the Values Committee

Submit anonymous feedback to be reviewed by the Maseeh College Values Committee. The committee reviews submissions monthly and decides next steps.

By providing feedback anonymously, your submission will help MCECS advance our diversity, equity, and inclusion goals. If you have a concern that you or someone you know would like assistance with, please consider the other resources on this webpage.

For any matter that demonstrates a violation of PSU's Prohibited Discrimination and Harassment policy, including sexual harassment, and you provide your name, please note the committee cannot keep your information confidential and will be required to report it to PSU's Office of Equity and Compliance.

What the committee will do with your feedback

  • Review your submission promptly and listen to all concerns and perspectives
  • Honor confidentiality*
  • After review, the committee informs college leadership as needed and recommends next steps. Examples of next steps may include: (a) Report general feedback at monthly leadership team meetings to call attention to this issue (b) Recommend a 1-on-1 meeting with any individuals referenced in the form submission and college leadership, such as the Maseeh College Dean or Department Chair; (c) Recommend ways to improve policies or procedures that impact campus climate; (d) consult with PSU's Global Diversity and Inclusion/Office of Equity and Compliance for addressing individual and/or systemic concerns raised.
  • Follow-up with form submitter (if contact information was provided)
  • Provide quarterly updates summarizing the feedback the committee has received

Alternatively, review this flowchart to visualize what the committee will do with your feedback

What the committee will not do with your feedback

  • Violate university policy as part of a solution to a problem
  • Investigate complaints of discrimination, discriminatory harassment, sexual harassment or retaliation as defined in PSU's Prohibited Discrimination and Harassment policy
  • Address matters that involve the terms and conditions of an individual’s employment 
  • Breach confidentiality*

*Confidentiality cannot be honored if you provide your name/contact information and the feedback you provide demonstrates a potential violation of PSU's Prohibited Discrimination and Harassment Policy. The committee is obligated to report this information to the Office of Equity and Compliance.

Other Reporting and Feedback Options

Contact Your Department

Reach out to faculty and staff in your department. Each Department has professor who serves as its Department Chair and can discuss options and remedies to address your feedback. Please note that faculty and Department Chairs are not confidential and the faculty member or Chair are obligated to report any concerns relating to a protected class or sexual harassment, as defined by PSU’s Prohibited Discrimination and Harassment Policy.  

Contact an Academic Advisor

You can contact an Academic Advisor in the Engineering, Computer Science, Math, and Physics Pathway if you rather speak to someone without filling out the form. You can schedule an appointment with an advisor by visiting the advising page.

Submit a Bias Incident Report Form

This feedback gets sent to the Bias Review Team (BRT), which is overseen by the Office of Global Diversity & Inclusion and Campus Public Safety. The BRT works to address systemic bias incidents campus-wide.

Report an Incident of Sexual Harassment

If you or someone you know has experienced sexual harassment, which includes sexual and relationship violence: a sexual assault, domestic or dating violence or stalking, a legally privileged and confidential advocate can meet with you and assist with a safety plan, academic or university housing and assist with reporting to the university or law enforcement if so desired. Your communications remain confidential unless you sign a release of information. To schedule a time with to meet with a confidential advocate, please complete the on-line scheduling form.

You may report an incident of sexual harassment to PSU’s Title IX Coordinator, Julie Caron by contacting her via email at or by calling at 503-725-4410. The Title IX Coordinator’s office is located in the Richard and Maureen Neuberger Center, 1600 SW 4th, Suite 830. If your report is related to another PSU student you may report sexual harassment by submitting a complaint to the Dean of Student Life.  Please note that your communication with the Title IX Coordinator and employees in the Dean of Student Life office are not confidential, but they keep your communications private and will not compel you to file a complaint but assist you in addressing your concern such as providing a No Contact Order.

File a Complaint of Discrimination

File a complaint of discrimination against a PSU student, staff, or faculty member who you believe is engaging in discriminatory conduct against you or others based on a protected class such as race, religion, gender, disability, etc. The Office of Equity & Compliance will work with you to determine if an investigation is appropriate. 

Submit a Conduct Complaint

If you wish to submit a complaint against a student for a violation of the Student Code of Conduct, you can do so by filling out this form. The Dean of Student Life Office website provides information about student conduct and community standards. This includes submitting a complaint for sexual harassment or sexual harassment and relationship violence.

Additional Resources

Not sure where to start? Contact Joyce Pieretti, Director of Diversity, Recruitment, and Retention at She can both hear and act on feedback and provide assistance to individuals on deciding next steps.