Welcome, Engineering & Technology Management

August 2020


Covid-19 has certainly made 2020 a challenging time for everyone. The impacts are significant for health, financial, and work for so many people.  

Many of us are stuck working from home, others may have reduced hours or experience uncertainty about their career path. Unfortunately, it looks like Fall will be much the same as the Summer.  While it may not feel like it, now is actually a good time to improve your skills and advance your career options for the post-COVID world. I encourage you to consider graduate classes or maybe even a full degree in Engineering and Technology Management.

While in the ETM Department we value face to face interaction and the networking opportunities they bring, that just isn’t possible for a while.  This means that, right now, we teach remotely, using Zoom under other technologies. Our classes are not a canned online experience for  mass audiences. We work hard to maintain the benefits of in-person experiences through small, interactive classes and personal attention. 

If this format works for you, you can continue to study online, even after things return back to normal. If you are not a fan of online, we are committed to returning to the classroom as soon as it is safe.

The ETM Department offers several Graduate Certificates, a Master of Science, and a Doctoral program and they all dovetail together. If you only want to brush up your skills in a single class or two, you can do so as a non-degree seeking student at a much reduced tuition and apply this towards a later certificate or the M.S. Our credits are fully accredited and, if life takes you in a different direction, you can transfer them into other programs with their approval. You receive a quality education that is tailored for the needs of industry. The ETM Department is world-renowned, organizes the largest annual conference in the field, and serves as editorial headquarters for the IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management. 

There is still time to get signed up - Fall classes start at the end of September.

Please look around and contact us for more information!  


Dr. Tim Anderson

Department Chair

Engineering and Technology Management

Portland State University