Master of Science in ETM

Engineering & Technology Management

Master of Science (M.S.)

The Master of Science in Engineering and Technology Management provides students with a comprehensive program to meet the needs of engineers and scientists whose objective is to advance to technical management positions in business, industry, or government.

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Curriculum for MS in Engineering and Technology Management

A minimum of 52 credits in approved graduate courses is required to complete the master's degree in Engineering and Technology Management. The program consists of 28 credits in the core, 4 (or 8 with thesis option) credits in the capstone requirement, and 20 (or 16 with thesis option) credits in electives.

Core (28 credits)

ETM 520 Management of Engineering and Technology
ETM 522 Communication and Team Building
ETM 530 Decision Making
ETM 535 Advanced Engineering Economics 
ETM 540 Operations Research 
ETM 545 Project Management
ETM 555 Technology Marketing 

Electives (20 credits)

ETM offers a wide range of elective courses. In addition, students may choose electives in other graduate programs at PSU (with advisor approval).

Capstone Requirement (One of the following):

ETM 503 M.S. Thesis (8 cr.) - in this case, only 16 credits for electives
ETM 506 Special Project in ETM ( 4 cr.) 
ETM 590 Engineering Management Synthesis ( 4 cr.)