ETM Student Research

ETM students presenting research

Research at ETM provides a link between engineering, science, and management disciplines. It results in theory, methods, and actionable recommendations that help organizations achieve strategic and operational objectives through technology. 

Research groups are organized by full-time faculty, who each bring unique expertise and interests to their group. Ph.D. students and MS students, who are working on their capstone, choose the research advisor who best fits their interests. View the Faculty Research page for more information.

Student-led research

All ETM courses require in-class research projects that help students develop research and communication skills and that apply course content to real-world applications. Many students choose topics that align with their current jobs. While not required, some students turn their class projects into publications.

Ph.D. students work under the guidance of faculty on a topic that closely aligns with their interests and prior expertise.

Visit PDXScholar for publications, presentations, and projects completed by students and faculty in the Department of Engineering and Technology Management.

Recent PhD Dissertations

Dissertation Title Student Advisor Defense Date
“Perceived Value of Technology Product Features by Crowdfunding Backers: The Case of 3D Printing Technology on Kickstarter Platform” Nina Chaichi Dr. Tim Anderson May 7, 2021

“Technology Management Maturity Assessment Model in Healthcare”

Amir Shaygan Dr. Tugrul Daim April 15, 2021
“Assessment of the Blockchain Technology Adoption for the Management of the Electronic Health Record Systems” Saeed Alzahrani Dr. Tugrul Daim January 29, 2021
"Achieving High Reliability Organizations Using Fuzzy Cognitive Maps: The Case of Offshore Oil and Gas" Ahmed Alibage Dr. Antonie Jetter October 9, 2020
"Determinants of Green Purchase Intentions of Saudi Consumers" Amani Kaadoor Dr. Antonie Jetter July 28, 2020
“Determinants of Student Information Technology Adoption” Hans P. VanDerSchaaf Dr. Tugrul Daim July 17, 2020
“Exploring Policies and Strategies for the Diffusion of Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) for the Care of Senior Population” Hamad Alanazi Dr. Tugrul Daim June 23, 2020
“A Scoring Model to Evaluate Offshore Oil Projects: Case of Eni and Mellitah Oil & Gas” Abdulhakim Giadedi Dr. Tugrul Daim June 12, 2020
“A Market Diffusion Potential (MDP) Assessment Model for Residential Energy Efficient (EE) Technologies”
Momtaj Khanam Dr. Tugrul Daim June 12, 2020
“Evaluating R&D Projects in Regulated Utilities: Case of Transmission Power Utilities” Edwin Garces Dr. Tugrul Daim June 1, 2020
“Exploring the Factors Influencing Big Data Technology Acceptance” Nayem Rahman Dr. Tugrul Daim May 15, 2020
“An Assessment of the Decision-Making Units’ Efficiency in Service Systems” Maoloud Dabab Dr. Tim Anderson May 6, 2020
"Narrowing the Cognitive Distance between Engineers and Customers: A novel Approach, based on Fuzzy Cognitive Mapping" Byung Sung Yoon Dr. Antonie Jetter Dec. 10, 2019