ETM Affiliated Programs

Master of Engineering in Systems Engineering

The Master of Engineering in Systems Engineering at Portland State University (PSU) offers a distance learning masters program for working engineers and other professionals involved in the development and operation of complex products, processes, and services. Systems Engineering is an interdisciplinary approach that enables the realization of successful systems.

Please visit the website for the MEng in Systems Engineering for more information regarding this program.

A complete list of courses under the Systems Engineering degree may be found in the Portland State University Bulletin.

Certificate in Business Intelligence and Analytics

Designed for technical professionals, the business intelligence program offers advanced data analytics training you can use immediately. You’ll learn the most current tools and techniques in business analytics for gathering, analyzing, organizing and interpreting large-scale data. In addition, you’ll acquire the expertise to apply data analytics in market research, risk management, financial analysis, trend forecasting and other areas of business intelligence.

You can earn the Business Intelligence & Analytics Certificate as a stand-alone credential.

Please visit the website for the Certificate in Business Intelligence and Analytics for more information.

Graduate Certificate in Energy Policy and Management

A collaborative certificate between 5 PSU departments and the regional energy industry.

Dual Degree Options

Motivated and qualified students may work on completing two master's degrees simultaneously. Up to one third of the credits in the program with the lesser number of credits may be applied towards the other master's degree.

For example, to pursue a Master of Science in Electrical Engineering and a Master of Science in Engineering and Technology Management, a student must be admitted to both programs, develop an approved curriculum plan with the help of both departments' advisers, and then can use up to 15 credits towards both the Electrical and Computer Engineering degree and the Engineering and Technology Management degree.

Past students have successfully completed dual Master's degrees resulting in an M.S. in Engineering and Technology Management and an M.S. in another Engineering department, or an MBA, or a Master's degree in another discipline.

Please visit the MCECS website for an overview of programs offered within our college.