Campus Plans

PSU recognizes the value and necessity of planning for all phases of emergency incidents including, but not limited to, preparedness, mitigation, response, continuity, and recovery. While each phase is unique and warrants a customized planning approach, the phases are connected and planning for one phase can inform other efforts. In fact, effective and efficient emergency response draws on sufficient preparation, successful mitigation, viable continuity plans, and broad-based recovery plans. 


Continuity Planning

Continuity Planning is a process that documents strategies and conditions under which the critical functions, services, and operations of the campus can occur, with as little disruption as possible, even when an emergency incident impacts the campus community. 


Department Emergency Plans

Preparing for emergencies on campus is a shared responsibility among PSU departments/units and individual employees and students. Departments/units can prepare for a variety of emergencies by developing a department/unit emergency response plan.

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Emergency Operations Plan

The PSU Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) outlines an enterprise level management and coordination structure for emergency response, and responsibilities and procedures related to specific hazards or emergency response functions.

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Hazard Mitigation Planning

Hazard mitigation planning is the effort to reduce loss of life and property by lessening the impact of disasters on the built environment, natural environment, social systems, and operations.