BioAnalytical Mass Spectrometry Facility

The BioAnalytical Mass Spectrometry Facility is housed in the Chemistry Department. A role of the Facility is to provide training for investigators and students on use of a Vanquish UHPLC/HPLC coupled to Q Exactive Orbitrap MS and our DART System coupled to a ThermoElectron LTQ-Orbitrap Discovery high resolution mass spectrometer. Another role of the Facility is as a service laboratory to provide high resolution accurate mass analysis for samples submitted for formula determination.


Location: 469 SRTC
Contact: Facilities Director Andrea DeBarber, Ph.D.

Mailing Address:
Portland State University Department of Chemistry
P.O. Box 751 - CHEM
Portland, OR 97207

Physical Address:
1719 SW 10th Ave., Science Research & Teaching Center, Room 469
Portland State University
Portland, OR 97201


Use the online scheduler to reserve use. Please sign in under email:  You will need to provide a password to access the calendar.

  1. Minimum instrument usage is 30 minutes.

  2. You will be charged the time you have the instrument reserved for (and it is not available to other users) as well as any time used in excess of the reserved time.

  3. If you cancel or change your time 24 hours ahead of usage, you will not be charged. If you cancel within 24 hours, you will be charged the reserved time.

E-mail for more information.

  Andrea DeBarber

Description of Services

Instrument Training:

Training for the LC-MS/MS is available that will enable the individual to perform LC-MS/MS analysis. This training is required before an individual is allowed to analyze their own samples. Training will be split into two sessions (1) analyzing samples using only the MS (2-3 hrs) and (2) analyzing samples in an automated manner using LC-MS. Topics covered include: an overview of ESI-MS/MS, operation of the LC-MS/MS system and an introduction to Excalibur instrument software (including data analysis). Users are encouraged to bring their own samples to the training. To schedule training please email

User Operated Instrument Time:

Individuals who have successfully completed training can schedule and request instrument time. To request instrument time a registration form MUST be emailed to at least 24 hours before use. Individuals must supply their own column; solvents and buffers will be provided by the Facility for a charge of $2.5 per 50mL. Autosampler vials/caps are also available for a charge of $1, as well as inserts for a charge of $1. Overall charges will reflect instrument time plus consumables.

Samples submitted for high resolution accurate mass analysis (mass accuracy within 4 ppm):

Accurate mass analysis is provided by Facility staff for molecular formula determination. Samples received between 10am and noon when Dr. Debarber is present in the MS lab (Science Research and Teaching Center, Room 469) will be analyzed on the same day.



Fees are billed on an hourly basis for training or instrument usage or on a per sample basis for samples submitted for analysis by facility personnel as outlined in the current rate sheet

User operated instrument time or sample analysis by facility personnel should be scheduled (see below) and requested ahead of time through submission of registration form.

All prices are subject to change without notice. If you have any questions concerning the rates or categories below please email (; please indicate the date of usage and any solvents that will be required in email header.

Service Description for microTOF-Q LC-MS/MS PSU Rates External Rates (educational) External Rates (commercial)
Instrument Training LC-MS/MS $75/hr $75/hr $100/hr
User Operated Fee LC-MS/MS $50/hr $50/hr $75/hr
User Operated Fee HPLC $15/hr $15/hr $25/hr


Sample(s) analysis performed by Bioanalytical Facility Staff Rates
1-9 MS Accurate Mass Analysis $30/sample
10+ MS Accurate Mass Analysis $25/sample

Ian Munhenzva


LC-MS training will be offered on 02/10/2020 from 9:30 am till 1 pm. We will go over data acquisition using direct infusion at 9:30 am until 11:00 am. At 11:00 we will start HPLC training and it should take up to at least one and a half hours. Interested parties should fill out a registration form. The training fees will be $75/hour for educational rate and $100/hour for commercial rate.

Visit the facility

We invite you to arrange for a tour of our open access fee-for-service Facility for the identification & quantification of small molecules. New users feel free to bring a sample for high resolution exact mass analysis. Please bring samples in methanol or water at 10uM; fill in a registration form ahead of time and email to Pay parking is available at PSU Parking Structure 3.



Registration Sheets

PDF iconPSU Approved solvents 0803.pdf

Acknowledgement of Risk and Waiver of Liability form