CEPE's Process Improvement Certificate Program

Introducing Our New Process Improvement Certificate

Our current and prospective students have asked, and we have answered: CEPE’s Lean Practitioner, Lean Leadership, and Six Sigma programs have now been combined into one relevant certificate program: Process Improvement.

From highly skilled backgrounds, our instructors bring hands-on training and professional experience with implementing process improvement initiatives from the manufacturing floor all the way to government agencies. This program offers diverse professional perspectives on a range of industries, including hospitality, food & beverage, and healthcare — plus you’ll have professional guidance to use this information to directly impact your organization.

Process improvement methodologies take organizations to the next level by introducing efficiencies that use proven traditional methods to address modern-day challenges — in any industry and any function.

In this program, students learn the principles, methodologies, and tools that are essential to create a culture of continuous, sustained improvement. Through expert instruction, hands-on activities, and completion of a project relevant to their own workplace or a local community organization, students learn how they can be the agents of sustainable change needed to increase efficiency, reduce waste, and maximize business value. Learn more about our courses and certificate structure below.
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7 Required Certificate Courses

Foundations of Process Improvement (5 required classes // 6 days total)business analysis e-newsletter sign up

Specialization in Process Improvement (Choose 1 elective class // 2 days each)

  • SS513: Six Sigma Fundamentals (2 days)
    • Delve into Six Sigma methodology, learn where popular tools fit into the Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control (DMAIC) improvement model, and learn key criteria for successful implementation
  • BE501: Lean Healthcare (2 days)
    • Learn how Lean principles can be utilized to meet the unique challenges faced in the healthcare industry
  • BE602: Inventory Management (2 days)
    • Explore both Lean and traditional inventory management principles and discover how companies can effectively implement those principles and reduce waste
  • BE603: Lean Business Processes (2 days)
    • Learn how Lean principles can be applied in an office setting and in a variety of different business functions

Process Improvement in Practice (1 required class // 2 days)

  • BE800: Process Improvement in Practice (2 days)
    • Visit a local organization that has successfully implemented process improvement, undertake your own process improvement project, and receive expert coaching
Certificate Cost: $3,543
Program Snapshot:
7 classes / 10 days / 76 total hours of instruction
Offered 2 times a year (winter/spring & fall/winter)
Can be completed in as few as 2 academic quarters
Must be completed within 3 years
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