How to Apply

Undergraduate Admission

Ready to apply to an arts major at PSU? 

Just fill out the application for Portland State University, and choose the appropriate major from the list.

For most majors, that’s all you have to do. The exception are the Music majors. 

Admission as a Music major

To be admitted to the School of Music & Theater as a Music major, you must:

  1. Apply to PSU 
  2. Submit a secondary application to the School of Music & Theater
  3. Pass the entrance audition
  4. Learn more about how to apply to be a Music major.

Questions? Contact an advisor.

Graduate Admission

To be admitted to the graduate programs in Architecture, Art or Music, you must

  1. Apply to PSU
  2. Submit the graduate application for your program
  3. Demonstrate the quality of your work, either through a portfolio or audition 

Get the details on how to apply:

Master of Architecture
Master of Music 
MA or MS in Music 
MFA in Studio Practice
MFA in Art + Social Practice