Deinum Prize FAQs

How to apply for the Andries Deinum Prize for Visionaries and Provocateurs—and what happens if you win. 



Do I need to be enrolled in the College of the Arts in order to apply?

Yes. Only PSU students majoring in an arts discipline may apply.

I want to do a group project. Do all the students in my group have to be from the College of the Arts?

Yes. Every student in the group must meet the eligibility requirements for the prize. The group must choose a group leader. Each student in the group must submit an application form, a resume and academic statement. The group leader will also submit a project proposal on behalf of the entire group. Letters of recommendation (2) are only required for the group leader.

Is there a GPA requirement?




Are there any additional supporting materials I should include with my application?

In addition to the required materials, you are welcome to include any additional materials you think would elevate your project proposal, such as sketches, photos or plans. However, such materials are not required.

All materials should be in Word or PDF form. 


Can I submit more than one proposal?

Yes. You must submit a separate application for each proposal.

Should my project description include a timeline and project completion date?

Yes. We recommend including a timeline that includes an estimated date when your project will be completed. The prize jury will review the winner’s progress after six months (in December) and will discuss a final completion date at that time.


Faculty Mentors

Do I really need a faculty mentor?

Yes. You must indicate a PSU faculty mentor in your application. Please ask the faculty member if they’re willing to mentor you before you include their name in your application.


What does the faculty mentor do?

If you win the prize, your mentor will offer advice and support as you work on your project, and help ensure that you can complete your project successfully. 


Letters of Recommendation

Can faculty from another department or institution write a me a letter of recommendation? 

Yes. Any faculty member from PSU or another college or university can write a letter of recommendation.


Where should faculty send recommendation letters?

Faculty should email recommendation letters directly to with the student name in the subject line.


Winning the Prize

How is the prize money disbursed?

The winning project will receive $5,000 in June, $4,000 in December at the six-month jury review, and $1,000 at the Deinum Showcase event in October of the following year.


What can I do with the prize money?

The funds can be used at the student’s discretion for education and project related expenses.


Do I have to pay taxes on the prize money?

Yes. The award money is subject to taxation.


Is there a final exhibition related to the prize?

Yes. Once the project is complete, the prize winner will collaborate with the Office of the Dean and their faculty mentor to determine exhibition plans. The final exhibition will take place during Portland State of Mind in October of the following year. (For example, the winner of the 2020 prize would exhibit their project in October 2021.)


Other Questions?