The College of the Arts has performance spaces, workshops, labs, rehearsal rooms, offices and classrooms in several buildings on campus. 

Art Building

The Art Building (2000 SW 5th Avenue) is home to the School of Art + Design office, drawing and mixed media classrooms, an art history lecture hall, an elementary education classroom, MFA studios, the AB Lobby and MK Galleries, a working studio for graphic design students, and a large design  classroom and presentation space, the venue for Graphic Design's Show & Tell Lecture Series.

Lincoln Hall

Lincoln Hall (1620 SW Park Avenue) houses the Office of the Dean, the School of Music + Theater, and the School of Film, as well as theaters, workshops, rehearsal studios, classrooms and the film studio. The historic building was renovated in 2013 and is now LEED Platinum certified.

Shattuck Hall

Shattuck Hall (1914 SW Park Avenue) is home to the School of Architecture, as well as a wood shop, a digital fabrication studio, a metal shop with welding area, a foundry for bronze and aluminum with wax room, and sculpture classroom and casting shop.

Digital Facilities

COTA Digital Facilities offers a variety of tools and technology and operates labs for research, fabrication, composition and creative problem-solving across disciplines. Our facilities are dedicated to meeting the nuanced needs of each program within the college.