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Co-Admission and Financial Aid

Portland State University has co-admission agreements with Chemeketa, Clackamas, Mount Hood, Clark, Clatsop, and Portland Community Colleges; these programs allow students to concurrently enroll ("co-enroll") at both PSU and a community college while receiving financial aid for their combined enrollment at both institutions. Other benefits include access to library services and academic advising at both institutions.

Applying for Co-Admission

To apply for Co-Admit status, contact PSU Admissions or at your community college. Read more about Co-Admission General Information

The Financial Aid Process for Co-Admitted Students

As a co-admitted student, the process of applying for and receiving your financial aid may be more complex than it is for most PSU students.

NOTE: Once completing your financial aid co-enrollment steps, it is very important to follow up with the Office of Student Financial Aid and Scholarships since the co-enrollment deadline is the second friday after the first day of classes.

Federal financial aid regulations stipulate that you cannot receive aid at more than one institution for any given period of enrollment (such as a quarter or semester). Therefore, you must determine which institution should award aid to you each term. The institution awarding aid is known as the "Home" institution, and the other institution you are attending is known as the "Host" institution. In some cases, your Home and Host institutions may switch during the course of a single academic year. When this happens, your financial aid may be delayed. Plan ahead and be proactive to ensure the smoothest possible transition.

  • If you are a freshman or sophomore (i.e., you have earned fewer than 90 units) and are taking primarily lower-division courses(100- and 200-level), then your Home institution will usually be your community college.
  • If you are a junior or senior (you have earned 90 units or more) and are primarily taking upper-division courses (300-level and above), then your Home institution will usually be PSU.

If you choose to co-enroll (take classes at both schools during the same quarter), and PSU is your Home institution, and you are not already attending PSU full-time, then you will have to complete a Portland State University Financial Aid Concurrent Enrollment Form (known as a "per-term" or "co-term" form) for each quarter that this situation applies to you. This completed form will enable PSU to disburse the appropriate amount of financial aid to you. You must enroll in 6 or more units at Portland State University to receive aid from PSU for your community college courses.

If your Home institution is your community college, you are responsible for meeting their financial aid requirements.

It is your responsibility to pay your bills at the Host institution. The Home institution will not pay any of your financial aid directly to the Host.

If you will be co-enrolling, you must plan ahead and complete all necessary paperwork in a timely manner in order to receive your financial aid. Because of the additional paperwork involved when you co-enroll, you may experience a slight delay in receiving your aid each term (usually just a few days). If you turn in incomplete and/or late forms, you may have a severe reduction to your financial aid.

If you have questions, ask! Co-admission can be confusing. Visit the financial aid office at your Home institution if you need help with your financial aid. For academic questions, meet with an academic adviser at either your Home or your Host institution, depending on your needs.