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Minimum Academic Requirements: International Graduate

International applicants for graduate admission to the University must demonstrate English language proficiency requirements: international graduate and meet the following academic preparation requirements.

You must have earned a degree equivalent to a United States four-year bachelor's degree from a college or university recognized as an institution of higher education by the Ministry of Education in the relevant country. Grades from undergraduate degrees must calculate to a cumulative (overall) grade point average (GPA) of at least 2.50 (when converted to the United States 4.0 scale) for conditional admission or at least 2.75 for regular admission. If you have earned 9 or more graduate credits, your cumulative GPA on these credits must be at least 3.00 when converted to the United States 4.0 scale. Graduate credit GPA supersedes the undergraduate degree GPA.

United States 4.0 Grading Scale

Student performance is evaluated based on the following grades:

Grade Undergraduate Graduate
A Excellent Excellent
B Good Satisfactory
C Satisfactory Below Standards
D Inferior Failure (no credit)
F Failure Failure

Grade point averages are calculated based on the following values for each grade:

A      4.00
A-    3.67
B+    3.33
B       3.00 
B-     2.67
C+    2.33
C       2.00
C-     1.67
D+    1.33
D       1.00
D-     0.67
F       0.00