PSU Parking Security FAQ

As an urban university located at the heart of downtown Portland, it is not uncommon that questions arise about the security of vehicles parked on our campus. Vehicle break-ins are not uncommon in dense, urban areas such as ours. Traditionally, these crimes of opportunity have been easily thwarted by vehicle owners simply removing all belongings from their cars (i.e. gym bags, phone chargers, AUX cables, books, clothes, shopping bags, visible money/change, etc.).

However, in recent months, an increase in property crime in the central city has led to more vehicle break-ins and vandalism in our parking garages. PSU is making multiple efforts to reverse trend and improve security on campus. Our current upcoming actions include:

  • Tracking of all reported incidents on campus to capture actionable data
  • Changes to parking enforcement and Campus Public Safety patrols on areas that are experiencing an increase in break-ins and vandalism
  • Allowing campus residents to park in the PSU Fourth Avenue Garage, which is a secure, underground facility
  • Contracting with a private security company to add more monitoring overnight at locations experiencing an increase in crime
  • Adding physical security systems to the University Center Building garage and Parking Structure 3

Below you find some common questions and answers associated with parking security and PSU.

Q: How do I prevent my vehicle from being vandalized or broken into?

A: Remove all items from your vehicle, regardless of value. Report and suspicious behavior in parking facilities to Campus Public Safety


Q: Are there secure places to park on the PSU campus?

A: Yes, there are some, with priority given to housing residents who are storing their vehicles overnight. Secure parking is available at the Ondine Housing building and the Fourth Avenue Garage located below the School of Engineering.


Q: Are there security cameras in PSU parking lots and garages?

A: Some locations have cameras at the entry points of the garage, but there are not extensive camera systems for monitoring parked vehicles. Campus Public Safety has advised us that these systems are, unfortunately, not a deterrent to break-ins and vandalism. We are choosing to focus our immediate investments on adding physical security features where possible.


Q: My vehicle was broken into on campus. Should I report it?

A: Yes, please submit a report to Campus Public Safety. Even if nothing was taken or your vehicle was undamaged, please submit a report so that we can properly track and respond to these issues. To reach CPSO please call their non-emergency phone number 503-725-4407.


This FAQ is a living document that TAPS will continue to update as we make progress on our efforts and learn more about what kinds of information is helpful to our community.