Carpool Permits

Split the cost and save on parking by signing up for a PSU Carpool Permit. Carpooling can also save you time with priority parking locations around campus that are exclusively for carpoolers. Check out our permit parking pages for more information about carpool pricing and availability for PSU students and employees.

Carpool permits may be purchased by two or more employees who have compatible schedules and home addresses. If you would like to utilize carpool parking, please complete the remote request form below and your purchase request will be processed within 1-2 business days. All carpool members must submit a response and incomplete replies will delay the renewal of your permit. Be advised that once your request is processed, your permit will be mailed to the primary permit holder's address provided in the form response. We will also send a confirmation email and place a 14-day field note on the primary vehicle so customers may park without displaying a permit until the physical permit arrives in the mail.

Purchasing a Permit

All carpool participants must fill out the remote Carpool Request From below. Each participant may register a vehicle, but only one physical permit will be issued.

NOTE:If using a carpool permit, it must be in one of the vehicles registered with PSU and linked to the permit. If more than one carpool vehicle is found on campus at the same time, you will be cited for misuse of permit ($80) to each vehicle. Abuse of the carpool permit, whether intentional or accidental, is serious and expensive. It is extremely important for carpool participants to communicate with one another when coming to campus in separate vehicles with carpool permits, in order to avoid being cited, and to make sure your permit is visible to Parking Enforcement.

Carpool Permit Regulations and Requirements

  • A carpool must include between 2-4 participants, whose class schedules begin or end within 2 hours of one another.
  • Class schedules must permit you to carpool for a minimum of three days per week.
  • Carpoolers must be registered for 9 or more credits.
  • Carpoolers must live within the same zip code OR be located along a logical route to PSU's campus.
  • All carpool participants are restricted from purchasing other parking permits during the term.
  • Carpools may include both PSU students and staff/faculty.

Drive Less Connect

Drive Less Connect is a completely free service offered by the State of Oregon. You can meet others to share your drive, your bike ride, or your transit ride. You'll be able to set up carpooling for one-time events or your regularly scheduled trips to campus. Best of all, if you sign up with your email account, you'll be eligible for special incentives and you can select the option of matching rides only with other members of the PSU community.