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Running a DARS audit

Graduate DARS audits are now available in BanWeb!!

 How to Run a DARS Audit - Students

Go to and log in. Click on Student Services, then DARS - Degree Audit Reporting System, and follow the directions from there. Two versions of the audit are available for viewing – an HTML audit and a PDF audit. You can easily save or print the PDF audit for your records.

Reading a DARS Audit

If you need help interpreting your DARS audit, please see our example audit. If after looking at the example audit and audit guide you still need assistance, please contact your OGS processor or

 Example audit
 Audit guide

Catalog Year Explanation

Graduate Program Catalog Years

Click on the link to view all the catalog year options for all master's, doctoral, and graduate certificate programs.

To earn a graduate degree, students must meet the degree requirements published in a single, valid PSU Bulletin (catalog).  The requirements in a catalog are valid for seven years; for example, the 2012-2013 Bulletin can be used through summer 2019 graduation.  Students can only use a catalog year during which they were both admitted and enrolled.  (At the time a graduate program has a change to their curriculum approved, they may set more restrictive limits about which set of requirements can be used.)

When running a DARS audit, you must select a catalog year. OGS began encoding requirements starting with the 2009-2010 PSU Bulletin.  If you are unsure which catalog to use, OGS recommends running an audit with the current term first.  If that doesn't give you the expected results, then run one with your term of admission or Fall 2009, whichever one is most recent.  If you still aren't getting the results you expect, contact your OGS processor for help.