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Early Childhood and Family Support Research and Evaluation Services - Completed Projects

Early Childhood and Family Support and Evaluation Completed Research Projects and Products

This content is organized by subject area and then alphabetically by project title.


If you would like to learn more about these projects and/or would like to receive information about the services we provide, please email our Director of Early Childhood and Family Support Research, Beth Green.

Beth Green

Child Welfare

Project Title      24-Hour Response/Guided Assessment Process (GAP) Implementation Evaluation

Oregon Department of Human Services, 2002-2004 

Project Title    Child Abuse Assessment Centers   
Funding Children's Bureau, 2003-2004   
Project Title    Children's Justice Act: Reducing the Trauma to Children During Child Abuse Investigations, Removal and Out-of-Home Placement   

Oregon Children's Justice Act Task Force, 2008-2009

Reports & Presentations Training Materials, Resources & Products
Project Title    Cohort Studies   
Funding Oregon Department of Human Services, 1987-1995   
Project Title Family Connections Oregon   
Funding US Children's Bureau, 2012-2015
Reports & Presentations

Executive Summary

Key Outcome Evaluation Findings

Key Process Evaluation Findings

Training materials, resources & research capsules

Rationale of Core Components of Combined Model

Continuum of Family Connections Meetings for Oregon Child Welfare Practice

Project Title Family Decision Making Meeting Studies   
Funding Oregon Department of Human Services, 1998-2000   
Project Title Federal System of Care Project to Improve Permanency Outcomes (IPOP)   
Funding Children's Bureau, 2003-2008   
Project Title FIT for Recovery Evaluation/Regional Partnership Grants   
Funding Children's Bureau, 2007   
Project Title IV-E Waiver Evaluation – Leveraging Intensive Family Engagement (LIFE) Program Evaluation
Funding Children’s Bureau & Oregon Department of Human Services
Brief Summary In partnership with Oregon’s Department of Human Services, we are conducting qualitative and quantitative research to document the implementation and outcomes of the LIFE program. LIFE is an innovative approach to reducing time in out of home placement by providing intensive, multi-modal interventions that integrate Family Finding, Family Meetings, Parent Mentors, and a focus on family and youth voice in reducing the time spent in care for youth at high risk for long term foster care placements.
Reports & Presentations

Life KickOff Evaluation Presentation, July 2016

LIFE Quarterly Training #1 Evaluation Presentation June 2016

LIFE Quarterly Training #2 Evaluation Presentation September 2016

LIFE 6-Month Evaluation Update January 2016

LIFE Y1 Evaluation Update July 2016

Evaluation Team

Carrie Furrer

Thuan Duong

Amanda Cross-Hemmer

Beth Green

Project Title Strengths/Needs Based Services Evaluation   
Funding Oregon Department of Human Services, 1996-2001   
Project Title Substance Abusing Parents and ASFA Project    
Funding Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, 2001-2004
Project Title Title IV-E Student Graduation and Workplace Retention Evaluation   
Funding Oregon Department of Human Services, 2006-2007   
Project Title Training for Excellence in Child Welfare Practice in Rural Oregon and Alaska   
Funding Children's Bureau, 2003-2008   
Project Title Waiver I: Subsidized Gaurdianship & Flexible Funding   
Funding Oregon Department of Human Services, 1997-2002   
Project Title Waiver II: Subsidized Guardianship & Flexible Funding   
Funding Oregon Department of Human Services, 2004-2009   
Project Title Waiver III: Parent Mentor & Relationship Based Visitation   

Oregon Department of Human Services, 2011-2015

Reports & Presentations

Executive Summary

Key Findings & Lessons Learned

Eblast #1

Eblast #2

Relationship Based Visitation Program Overview

Curriculum Info Nurturing Skills for Oregon Families

Preliminary Results for RBV Providers

Early Childhood

Project Title Children's Trust Fund of Oregon (CTFO) Evaluation of Funded Projects
Funding CTFO
Project Title Ecological Systems Approach to the Investigation of Child Neglect in Early Head Start
Funding Administration for Children & Families, 2014-current
Brief Summary This project, a partnership with the Brazelton Touchpoints Center, builds on an ongoing longitudinal investigation of the effectiveness of Early Head Start in preventing child maltreatment.  The study applies innovative analytic methods, including multilevel modeling, latent growth curve modeling, and network analysis to evaluate whether and how EHS promotes resilient pathways for families at risk for neglectful caregiving, with broad implications for policy and practice aimed at preventing and addressing child neglect.
Evaluation Team

Carrie Furrer

Beth Green

Project Title Evaluation of the Oregon Relief Nurseries
Funding Oregon Association of Relief Nurseries, 2010-2013
Project Title Evaluation of Portland Relief Nursery Integrated Trauma Services Grant
Funding SAMHSA, 2012-2015
Project Title Evaluation of the Start Making a Reader Today (SMART)
Funding LifeWorks NW, 2012-2016
Reports &
Final Evaluation Report
Project Title Evaluation Technical Assistant for Child Abuse Prevention & Foster Care Grantees
Funding Portland Children's Levy, 2010-2012
Project Title Home Visiting and Early Childhood Systems Collaboration: Case Studies from Oregon
Funding MIECHV, 2015-2017
Reports &
Summary Report
Project Title Kids in Transition to School (KITS)
Funding Innovation Funds, United Way of Lane County, 2016
Brief Summary This project is conducting a process and outcome evaluation of a county-wide expansion of the Kids in Transition to School Program, and evidence-based program to improve school readiness in Lane County, Oregon. 
Reports & Presentations


KITS Parent Focus Group Report: January 2017

KITS Teacher & Facilitator Survey Results: Summer 2016 

KITS Year 1 Evaluation Report

KITS 2016 & 2017 Outcomes

Evaluation Team

Beth Green

Lorelei Mitchell

Mackenzie Morris

Project Title Kindergarten Readiness Parent Focus Groups
Funding Children's Institute, 2017-2018
Reports &

Baker City Report

Enterprise Report

Grants Pass Report

Gresham-Fairview Report

Medford Report


Portland Report

Yoncalla Report

Cross-Community Report

Project Title Marion-Polk Early Learning Hub Community Needs Assessment
Funding Marion Polk Early Learning Hub, 2015-2016
Project Title Maternal Infant Early Childhood Home Visiting (MIECHV): The Oregon Parenting Study (TOPS)
Funding MIECHV, 2013-2015
Reports &
Community BRIEF
Project Title MIECHV Oregon Retention Evaluation (MORE)
Funding MIECHV, 2015-2017
Reports &
Community BRIEF
Project Title Multnomah County Project Launch Evaluation
Funding Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, 2010-2015
Reports & Presentations

Final Report: Implementation of Young Child Wellness Strategies in a Unique Cohort of Local Communities


Community of Practice: Early Childhood Positive Behavior Interventions

Community of Practice: Early Childhood Mental Health

Community of Practice: Home Visiting

Parent Education



MECP Referrals

PPMD Screening


LAUNCH Evaluation Google Site

Project Title North Douglas County Community Needs Health Assessment
Funding Children’s Institute, 2016
Reports &

Phase 1 Executive Report

Phase 1 Full Report

Phase 2 Executive Report

Phase 2 Full Report

Project Title Oregon! Ready to Learn Initiative Evaluation
Funding Oregon Community Foundation, 2001-2005
Project Title Prenatal to Grade 3 Alignment Initiative
Funding Oregon Community Foundation, 2014-Ongoing 
Brief Summary The purpose of this project is to create stronger connections between elementary schools & providers of early childhood care/education programs; and between schools & parents of young children in 10 grantee communities across Oregon. The evaluation team developed data collection tools and is currently providing data collection and utilization training and technical assistance, and conducting systems evaluation data collection and analysis.
Reports & Presentations

Year 2 Evaluation Executive Summary

Year 2 Incoming Kindergarten Parent/Caregiver Survey Report

Year 2 Collaboration Survey Report

Year 2 Family Engagement Self-Assessment Tool

HIPS School Readiness & Kindergarten Transition Brief

HIPS K-3 Outcomes & Skills Brief

HIPS Family Engagement & Support Brief

P3 Family Engagement Research Brief -  Executive Summary

P3 Family Engagement Research Brief

P3 Family Engagement for Education Leaders

P3 Family Engagement for Policymakers

P3 Foundations Brief - Executive Summary

P3 Foundations Research Brief

P3 Foundations for Early Learning & Education Leaders

P3 Foundations for Policymakers

Evaluation Team

Callie Lambarth

Beth Green

Diane Reid

Project Title Process Evaluation of Oregon's Kindergarten Readiness Assessment Pilot Project
Funding The Early Learning Division, 2012-2013
Project Title Quality Rating Improvement System (QRIS)
Funding Early Learning Division & Oregon State University, 2016
Brief Summary With funding from the Race-to-the-Top grant, we are working with Oregon State University researchers to conduct a validation study to support the state’s Quality Rating Improvement System (QRIS). The QRIS provides technical assistance to child care facilities to improve quality, as well as ratings for child care facilities to help parents in decision-making. Center staff are collecting standardized observational measures of child care quality statewide to assess the extent to which QRIS ratings correspond to observed quality.
Reports & Presentations

[Full report with appendices] Oregon's QRIS Validation Study One

[Full report without appendices] Oregon's QRIS Validation Study One

[Highlights] Oregon's QRIS Validation Study One: Associations with Observed Program Quality

Evaluation Team

Beth Green

Mackenzie Morris

Project Title Retrospective Evaluation of Child Welfare Involvement for Early Head Start Participants
Funding Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2010-2016
Brief Summary In collaboration with Harvard University’s Brazelton Touchpoints Center, we are collecting and analyzing state administrative child welfare data to determine if the Early Head Start program is effective in helping to prevent child maltreatment.
Reports & Presentations Research-to-Practice Brief: Promising Evidence that Early Head Start Can Prevent Child Maltreatment
Evaluation Team

Beth Green

Carrie Furrer

Mary Beth Sanders

Project Title Salem Keizer Prenatal-Grade Three Evaluation & Technical Assistance
Funding Salem Keizer School District, Oregon Community Foundation, 2013-2016
Reports &

HIPS School Readiness & Kindergarten Transition Brief

HIPS K-3 Outcomes & Skills Brief

HIPS Family Engagement & Support Brief

Project Title Testing the Effectiveness of Healthy Start-Healthy Families Oregon: Outcomes and Cost-Benefits
Funding Children's Bureau, 2009-2015
Reports &

Healthy Families Oregon Fact Sheet

Final Report

2-Year Outcomes, Randomized Study

Early Findings

Equity & Diversity

Project Title Communities of Color in Multnomah County
Funding Northwest Health Foundation, Multnomah County, City of Portland, 2008-2011
Project Title Decision-Point Analysis
Funding Casey Family Programs, 2008-2009
Project Title Volunteering in Oregon
Funding Oregon Community Foundation
Brief Summary The final report below is a companion to The Oregon Community Foundation's 2016 Giving in Oregon Report and points out positive findings about the generosity of Oregonians. 
Reports & Presentations

Final Report

Volunteer Engagement Brief

Volunteer Recognition Brief

Volunteer Recruitment Brief

Intimate Partner Violence

Project Title Interpersonal Violence and Pregnancy Grant
Funding Federal Office of Adolescent Health, 2011-2014
Project Title Rural Domestic Violence and Child Victimization Project
Funding Oregon Department of Human Services, 2001



Project Title Native Youth Suicide Prevention Program
Funding Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Administration, 2005-2008
Project Title Runaway and Homeless Youth Collaborative Research
Funding Children’s Bureau, 2007-2010
Project Title Schoolworks Project
Funding Juvenile Rights Project, Byrne Grant, 2003-2008
Project Title Schoolworks Re-Entry Program Evaluation
Funding Juvenile Rights Project, Byrne Grant, 2006-2010