Currently Accolades: Published/Exhibited for January 25, 2021

A woman poses in the stacks of the PSU library


  1. William J. Comer, world languages and literatures faculty, wrote a chapter titled “Reconceptualizing Grammar Instruction: Making it Meaningful and Communicative” in “The Art of Teaching Russian,” published by Georgetown University Press.
  2. Joleen Kremin, business faculty, published “Research Initiatives in Accounting Education: Providing Access to Education and Obtaining Credentials” in Issues in Accounting Education.
  3. Leanne Serbulo, University Studies, published “Anatomy of a Violent Protest Wave: Understanding the Mechanisms of Escalation and De-escalation in Far-right and Anti-fascist Street Clashes” in Youth and Globalization.
  4. Sue Taylor, art history faculty emerita, authored an essay titled “Acerbic Truths” in “100 ‘Little White Lies’: Small Paintings by Roger Shimomura,” published by the Greg Kucera Gallery in Seattle.