Award Winning Producer Alissa Phillips Teaches Producing Class

Film Class Connects Students to Industry

Alissa Phillips on Set
Producer Alissa Phillips on set

Although many shoots film aren't happening, the School of Film is using its courses to connect students to the industry. Producer, Alissa Philips, who has worked on Oscar-winning films like Captain Phillips, will teach a second section of her popular FILM 360: Producing for Film winter term. 

Course Description
Filmmaking is a collaborative endeavor, but there’s only one position that picks up the final Academy Award for “Best Picture” and this is the Producer. This class will explore what it means to be a creative Producer and how one becomes this capital “P.” We will watch a lot of contemporary films, read current screenplays, and learn about how filmmaking works from the inside, both in terms of studio and independent production. We will cover development, prep, production, post, budgeting, crew, distribution, marketing and film financing. We’ll also cover contemporary directors, screenwriters and actors and how they interface with producers. This is an advanced production course. Students should have an extensive interest in pop culture and media and completed the necessary prerequisites. Prerequisites: FILM 131 and FILM 132, in which you must earn a minimum C+ grade; FILM 257 or FILM 258; Film major.

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