Advisor Directory

Advisor Directory

Important information for newly admitted students:

Incoming freshmen and transfer students should complete Orientation prior to scheduling an appointment with their advisor for their first term. Orientation covers the information necessary to select and register for classes, and students may follow up with their advisor afterwards if they have specific questions.       

Alphabetical Directory of Advisors

Please use the listing below, alphabetical by last name, to find how to schedule an appointment with your assigned advisor. Advisors can schedule phone or in-person appointments. If you do not know your assigned advisor's name, please visit your Advising Pathway page for this information. Always include your PSU ID number when corresponding and, whenever possible, use your email.

Appointments are currently offered remotely (phone or video call), and physical locations are closed. If you have any issues or concerns with scheduling, please email your advisor directly or contact your advising team.

Name Pathway/Program Schedule an appointment Contact
Ben Alberts Society & Identity
Brianna Avery Honors College
Khaitan Allen Business
Ilka Bailey Business Email
Edgar Barrera Business
Angela Barrett CCJ Online
Elizabeth Benner Health, Science & the Earth
Scott Broussard Society & Identity
Megan Butler Business
Casey Campbell (on leave) Society & Identity
Kate Constable Society & Identity
Alyssa Dart Health, Science & the Earth
Ari Douangpanya Health, Science & the Earth
Chandler Duff Engineering, CS, Math & Physics
Martha Dyson Language, Culture & Meaning
Becky Einolf Business
Stephanie Hamington Health, Science & the Earth
Paloma Harrison Design, Creativity & Performance
Roxanne James (on leave) Language, Culture & Meaning
Karen Kennedy Engineering, CS, Math & Physics
Staci Kiker (on leave) Design, Creativity & Performance Any DCP advisor
Audrey (Pond) Kirby  Business
Beatriz Lafferiere Mathematics + Statistics Email
Anna Law Design, Creativity & Performance Email
Laura Marsh Health, Science & the Earth
Ian McCallum Design, Creativity & Performance
Jane Mercer Public Health
Meghan Opbroek  Society & Identity
Alyssa Plesser Urban, Public & Global Affairs
Carlos Quatela BUILD EXITO program
Aria Ramus Urban, Public & Global Affairs
Cristina Restad Business
Andrew Rice Physics Email
Sang (Nguyen) Rich Health, Science & the Earth
Tanya Romaniuk Language, Culture & Meaning
Jon Rousseau Language, Culture & Meaning
Barbara Sabath Computer Science (UD admits)
Abby Schmidt Health, Science & the Earth
Liz Shatzer Health, Science & the Earth
Leena Shrestha Health, Science & the Earth
Doug Siegler Business
Lynell Spencer Urban, Public & Global Affairs
Jodi Stiegemeyer Engineering, CS, Math & Physics
Ashley Storey Business
Kim Utschig Society & Identity
Ryan Wagner Urban, Public & Global Affairs
Linda Wasson Engineering, CS, Math & Physics
Melissa Yates Health, Science & the Earth
Belinda Ziedler Health, Science & the Earth