Honors Director Dr. Brenda Glascott with student

Honors College Faculty & Staff Directory

Honors House administrative and faculty offices will be closed to students and the public in Fall 2020.  Remote meetings on Zoom or Google Hangouts may be scheduled by emailing the individual faculty/staff member.


  Shelly Chabon

 College Dean 



  Brenda Glascott

 College Director

Remote hours by appointment

  Cornelia Coleman

 College Administrator &  Honors Thesis Coordinator

Open office hours via email TR 2-3 / F 10-11

  Brianna Avery

  College Advisor

  Pelin Basci

Faculty - Humanities  
  Tina Burdsall

Faculty - Social Science  
  Sarah Chivers

Adjunct Faculty - Soc Science  
  Matthew Chmielewski

Adjunct Faculty - Nat Science Not teaching Winter 2021
  Cullen Goldblatt

Faculty - Humanities  
  Jesse Hoffman

Adjunct Faculty - Humanities  
  Jennifer Hoskins

Adjunct Faculty - Internships  
  Paul McCutcheon

Faculty - Humanities  

  Kathleen Merrow

  Faculty - Interdisciplinary

Remote hours by appointment

  Federico Perez

  Faculty - Social Science

Remote hours by appointment

  Jennifer Peterson

Adjunct Faculty - Nat Sciences  
  Jason Price

Adjunct Faculty - Humanities Not teaching Winter 2021
  Rachel Slocum

Adjunct Faculty - Soc Sciences  
  Olyssa Starry

Faculty - Natural Sciences  

  Rebecca Summer

  Faculty - Social Sciences

Remote hours by appointment

  William "Harry" York

  Faculty - Humanities

Remote hours by appointment

  Lawrence Wheeler

Professor Emeritus

Not teaching 2020-21

  Jill Taylor

  Admissions Coordinator

Remote hours by appointment