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Sustainability Courses

The following list of Portland State University sustainability courses have been identified by the Institute for Sustainable Solutions through syllabus review. This is not a complete list of all sustainability courses offered at PSU. If you would like to submit a course syllabus to be considered for this list, please email

Department Course Number Course Name
Accounting ACTG 560 Professional Ethics and the Public Interest
Anthropology ANTH 333U Anthropology of Food
ANTH 461/561* Past Human-Environment Interactions
Architecture ARCH 367U Fundamentals of Environmental Design
ARCH 421/521* Urban Design Methods
ARCH 435/535 Topics in Modernism
Business Administration BA 495 Business Strategy
BA 548 Global Business, Society and Ecology
BA 548* Product Design and Stewardship
Biology BI 429/529* Conservation Biology
Black Studies BST 414U/514* Racism
BST 450U/550 Race and Sustainability
BST 467U/567* African Development Issues
Civil Engineering CE 481/581* The Columbia River as a System
CE 483/583* Estuarine Circulation
Chicano/Latino Studies CHLA 301U* Chicano/Latino Communities
Communication COMM 415U/515* Problems in Intercultural Communication
COMM 429/529 Health Communication Campaigns
Conflict Resolution CR 410/510* TOP: Peace, Conflict, and Globalization
Engineering EAS 333U* Problems, Solutions, and Systems Thinking
Economics EC 332U* Economics of Environmental Issues
EC 348* The Globalization Debate
EC 417U/517* Women in the Economy
EC 431* Urban Economics
EC 434/534 Business Environmental Management Economics
EC 450/550 Economics of Development
EC 522 Economics of Sustainability
Education ED 620* Doctoral Studies Professional Seminar
Education Leadership and Policy ELP 410/510 TOP: Permaculture and Whole Systems Design
ELP 410U/510* Spiritual Leadership
ELP 450U Introduction Leadership for Sustainability
ELP 506 LSE Comprehensive Exam
ELP 517 Ecological and Cultural Foundations of Education
ELP 519 Sustainability Education
ELP 548 Advanced Global Political Ecology
ELP 550 Advanced Leadership for Sustainability
ELP 571* Teaching, Learning, and Curriculum
English ENG 368U* Literature and Ecology
ENG 385 Contemporary Literature: The Poetics of Sustainability
ENG 507 Postcolonial Ecology
ENG 507* Queer Ecologies
Environmental Science and Management ESM 101 Environmental Science I
ESM 220 Introduction to Environmental Systems
ESM 222* Science and Policy in Environmental Management and Regulation
ESM 322* Environmental Risk Assessment
ESM 424/524* Wetland Ecology and Regulations
ESM 428/528* Urban Ecology
ESM 429/529* Environmental Impact Assessment
ESM 434/534 Business Environmental Management Economics
ESM 460/560* Air Pollution
ESM 471/571* Atmospheric Physics
ESM 485/585* Ecology and Management of Bio-Invasions
ESM 588 Environmental Sustainability
Engineering and Technology Management ETM 510/610* Energy Technology Innovations
Geology G 352U* Minerals in World Affairs
Geography GEOG 230 Environment and Society: Global Perspectives
GEOG 312U Climate Variability
GEOG 331U Geography of Globalization
GEOG 332U Urban Geography
GEOG 340U Global Water Issues and Sustainability
GEOG 345U Resource Management
GEOG 346U World Population and Food Supply
GEOG 360U Geography of Latin America
GEOG 363U Geography of Africa
GEOG 368U United States and Canada
GEOG 442/542 Sustainable Cities
GEOG 445/545 Resource Management Topics
GEOG 446/546 Water Resource Management
GEOG 447/547 Urban Streams
GEOG 448/548* Urban Forest
History HST 337U* History of U.S. Cities
HST 339U Environment and History
HST 399* Food and Power in American History
HST 405B/505B  Readings in Environmental History: The Nature of American Cities
International Studies INTL 201 Introduction International Studies
INTL 462U The Amazon Rainforest
INTL 490 Global Sustainable Development
Information Systems ISQA 458/558S Food Industry Supply and Logistics
ISQA 511 Sustainable Operations Management
Mechanical Engineering ME 410/510 International Sustainable Development
ME 422/522* Building Energy Use Modeling
Management MGMT 510 Design Thinking for Social Innovation
Master of International Management MIM 511 Global Business, Society and Ecology
MIM 531* Product Design and Stewardship
Native American Studies NAS 399* SPST: Native American Politics and Activism
Public Administration PA 510 Designing the Smart Grid for Sustainable Communities
PA 510 Sustainable Systems and Organizational Resilience
PA 514* Global Leadership and Management
PA 563 Citizens and Administration
PA 568 Forest Policy and Administration
Physics PH 375U Climate Change and Human Life
PH 471/571* Atmospheric Physics
PH 473/573* Alternative Energies
Community Health PHE 410/510 TOP: Food System Sustainability
PHE 444U Global Health
PHE 522/622* Health and Social Inequalities
PHE 580 CNCPT Environmental Health
Philosophy PHL 309U Business Ethics
PHL 310U Environmental Ethics
Political Science PS 319 Politics and the Environment
PS 399 Environmental Political Theory
PS 530* Seminar in International Relations
Psychology PSY 480* Community Psychology
Real Estate RE 431* Urban Economics
Science Education SCI 321U Energy and Society I
SCI 334U Climate Variability
SCI 347U Science, Gender, and Social Context
SCI 361U Science: Power-Knowledge
SCI 336U Water in the Environment II
Sociology SOC 320* Globalization
SOC 330* Sociology of Food Inequalities
SOC 426/526* Women and Mental Illness
SOC 427/527* Gender and Work
SOC 436U/536* Social Movements
SOC 441/541* Population and Society
SOC 446* Immigrants and America
SOC 465 Environmental Sociology
SOC 468* Political Sociology
SOC 585/685* Medical Sociology
SOC 588/688 Social Sustainability: Theory and Practice
SOC 684* Social Inequality
Social Work SW 539* Social Justice in Social Work
SW 520* Social Work and Social Welfare Policy
Systems Science SYSC 510 Systems Ideas and Sustainability
SYSC 510 Sustainable Systems and Organizational Resilience
University Studies UNST 101-103* Race and Social Justice
UNST 119 Human/Nature
UNST 121-123 Design and Society
UNST 124 - 126 Sustainability
UNST 224 Environmental Sustainability
UNST 239 Knowledge, Rationality, and Value
UNST 254 Popular Culture
UNST 421* CAP: Animal Aid Grantwriting for Wildlife Conservation in Africa
UNST 421* CAP: Asset Mapping with GIS: Empowering Communities
UNST 421 CAP: Community Greenworks
UNST 421* CAP: Creative Reuse
UNST 421 CAP: Documenting Sustainable Practices
UNST 421 CAP: Environmental Education Native American Lens
UNST 421 CAP: Grantwriting Environmental Advocacy
UNST 421 CAP: Grantwriting for Sustainability
UNST 421 CAP: Learning Gardens, Community Engagement and Sustainability
UNST 421 CAP: Sustainable Living
UNST 421 CAP: Sustainable Food System and Educational Farms
UNST 421* CAP: Sustainability Outdoors
UNST 421* CAP: Volunteer Stream Monitor
UNST 421* CAP: Womens Prison Gardens
Urban Studies and Planning USP 199/399 SPST: World Changing Jobs: Careers Exploration
USP 311U Introduction to Urban Planning
USP 312U Urban Housing and Development
USP 313U Urban Environmental Issues
USP 317U Introduction to International Community Development
USP 324U Healthy Communities
USP 325U/425U Community and the Built Environment
USP 385U* History of U.S. Cities
USP 386U Portland Past and Present
USP 419/519* Population and Society
USP 429* Poverty Urban Community
USP 430 Participatory Research Methods for Community Development
USP 431* Urban Economics
USP 445U/545 Cities and Third World Development
USP 456/556 Urban Transportation: Problems and Policy
USP 465/565 Pedestrian and Bicycle Planning
USP 480/580* Political Economics/Nonprofit Organizations
USP 490/590 Green Economics and Sustainable Development
USP 493/593 Public Participation GIS
USP 510/610 Theorizing Urban Ecologies
USP 512* Environmental Planning Methods
USP 518 Energy and Society
USP 524 Site Planning
USP 529 Green Buildings I
USP 551* Community Economic Development
USP 569 Sustainable Cities and Regions
USP 595 Reshaping the Metropolis
USP 616 Cities in the Global Political Economy
Women's Studies WS 306U Women, Environment and Activism
WS 347U Science, Gender, and Social Context
WS 377U* Ecofeminist Spirituality
WS 426/526* Women and Mental Illness
WS 417U/517* Women in the Economy

* Indicates a sustainability-related course, which identifies and describes the relationship between the course topic and two of the three sustainability dimensions: equity, economy, and environment. Coures not identified with an asterisk (*) focus on the relationship between all three of the sustainability dimensions in relation to the course topic.

Download the sustainability course evaluation form here. All identified sustainability courses are subject to review and reclassification.