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Planning, Construction & Real Estate


What's New

Campus Sustainability Highlights: Highlights from PSU's Annual Sustainability Awards

Historical Images of Campus: 300 Capital Projects and Construction archival images available to view online!

Current PCRE Projects: Highlights of some of PCRE's current projects

Campus Art Tour and Campus Art Tour Narrative: A tour featuring 18 installations across the campus *updated June 2015*

Our Purpose

Planning, Construction and Real Estate (PCRE) provides leadership and oversight of the planning, development and operations of PSU's physical environment and is comprised of six departments: Campus Planning Office, Campus Sustainability Office, Capital Projects and Construction, Facilities and Property Management, Materials Management and Transportation and Parking Services. PCRE is committed to ensuring that PSU's physical development and operations align with the University’s goals of environmental stewardship, academic excellence, and student success. PCRE strives to create and maintain an appealing and sustainable campus environment for students, staff, faculty, and the community at large. Everyone in PCRE is here to help make the experience of every person on campus a positive one.  Our Leadership