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College Level Exam Program


The College Level Exam Program (CLEP) includes nationally normed examinations. CLEP offers subject matter examinations and general examinations.

Eligibility for CLEP

CLEP subject or general examinations may be taken prior to entering the University. If the individual passes a CLEP examination, the University accepts the amount of credit indicated in the table below, but only after admission is granted and the student is (or has been) enrolled in Portland State courses.

Qualifications for CLEP Transfer

Students who have taken CLEP examinations prior to entering Portland State may transfer such credit provided they have passed the examination with scores at or above the minimum accepted by Portland State and provided the University has approved the examinations for credit.

Application for Credit Before Coming to Portland State

Students may request an official CLEP transcript be sent to Portland State. Download the transcript request form from the CLEP web site.

Send transcript(s) to:

Admissions, Registration and Records
Portland State University
PO Box 751
Portland, OR 97207-0751

Where to Apply for CLEP Exams

Admitted students planning to take CLEP exams should apply for them at least one month in advance with Testing Services (part of Student Health and Counseling) or with another recognized CLEP testing center. Testing Services supplies descriptive brochures and other information on CLEP exams. The office also supplies information and administers exams to nonadmitted or nonenrolled students. Fees for CLEP exams are set by the national Educational Testing Services and are subject to change. All exams are computerized.

Relation Between CLEP and AP Program

Students cannot earn duplicate credit through CLEP in the subjects for which they earned Advanced Placement (AP) credit. To the extent that a student's high school does not offer AP courses, CLEP credit can supplement or substitute for AP credit.

CLEP Examinations Approved at Portland State University1


General ExaminationsCredits ApprovedPassing ScoreNotes
Humanities Fulfills 9 credits of non-major requirements or nine lower division credits 50 Closed to students with more than 90 credits. 
Natural Science Fulfills 9 credits of non-major requirements 50 Closed to students with more than 90 credits. 
Social Science/History Fulfills 9 credits of non-major requirements or 9 lower division credits 50 Closed to students who have earned 9 credits in the social sciences 
Subject Examinations
Arts and Letters
French 12 50 Satisfies FR 101, 102, 103*
French 12 59 Satisfies FR 201, 202, 203*
German 12 50 Satisfies GER 101, 102, 103*
German 12 60 Satisfies GER 201, 202, 203*
Spanish 12 50 Satisfies SPAN 101, 102, 103*
Spanish 12 63 Satisfies SPAN 201, 202, 203*
Biology 0 49 Waives BI 251, 252, 253
Calculus 8 50 Satisfies MTH 251, 252
College Algebra 4 50 Satisfies MTH 111
Pre-Calculus 4 50 Satisfies MTH 112
Social Science
American Government 8 50 Satisfies PS 101, 102
Introductory Psychology 8 50 Satisfies PSY 200, 204
Introductory Microeconomics 4 50 Satisfies EC 201
Introductory Macroeconomics 4 50 Satisfies EC 202
Sociology 0 50 Waives prerequisite for upper division courses


1Credits and course equivalencies are subject to change.

*Language exam credit is limited to either first or second year, depending on score.