Explore the Law

A program for students interested in legal careers

Students in the Explore the Law cohort make connections in the legal community, and get prepared for law school and beyond.

Apply to join the 2020-21 Co-hort

DEADLINE TO APPLY- EXTENDED!: October 30, 2020 at midnight

The 2020-21 Explore the Law program runs from Winter through Spring Term 2021. Most sessions will be held on Fridays between 9am and noon. Accepted students will be asked to schedule a one on one meeting with the program coordinators before the program starts.

Explore the Law Description

Explore the Law is a two-term program that pairs students with attorney mentors and presents weekly sessions on different topics to help students prepare for law school, and careers in the legal field.

This program is open to all PSU students, regardless of major. 

ETL includes weekly sessions including guest speakers and panel discussions on topics from law school admissions, careers in the Federal Court, financing law school and LSAT prep

The Explore the Law Program is held once per school year and runs for two terms. Students in the program may be able to gain college credit for participation.

Applications for the 2021 ETL cohort are being accepted now!

2021 Explore the Law program will be held in Winter and Spring terms of 2021.

For more information about Explore the Law, contact slms@pdx.edu  


Q: How many hours a week is Explore the Law? When does it meet?

A: The Explore the Law program includes a minimum of 2 hours of programming each week. Some weeks will involve more time for off-campus field trips or additional meetings with mentor attorneys. 

The full schedule of events will be released in advance, but due to the nature of different events and scheduling requirements of our guest speakers, not all events will be possible to schedule during the same day of the week and time slot. 

For the 2020-21 program, almost all events are scheduled on Fridays between the hours of  9am and 1pm. This does not include time for the required assignments such as meeting with your mentor attorney and conducting informational interviews.

Q: Is this program free? Can I receive academic credit?

A: Explore the Law is a free program for any student not applying for college credits. If you choose to pursue college credits through the Political Science Department, you will need to pay for those credits.

Q: During which terms is this ETL offered? 

A: Explore the Law is offered over two terms every year; typically Fall and Winter. For the 2021 program, we have postponed the start date due to COVID-19 concerns, and the program will run from Winter to Spring term. 

Q: When can I apply for next year's program?

A: For programs that run fall-winter, Applications will go live at the end of the Spring term for the following school year's program. Special for 2020/21 year: applications are due by Oct 15, and the program starts in January.

Q: Is Explore the Law offered remotely during COVID-19 closures?

A: We are waiting to see which events we may be able to hold in-person (if any) for the 2021 program. We anticipate offering some of the more traditional training, sessions, and panels via Zoom if needed.