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New statistics position jump-starts strategic plan

New statistics position jump-starts strategic plan
Accepting applications now.

Launching the Portland Institute for Computational Science (PICS)

Launching the Portland Institute for Computational Science (PICS)
A new center, dedicated to fostering local synergistic research in computational sciences is now open.

James Mahoney puts PSU education to work at the NSA

James Mahoney puts PSU education to work at the NSA
Upon graduation in 2016 with a PhD in Mathematical Sciences, James Mahoney has begun applying his skills as an operations researcher at the National Security Agency.

The Fariborz Maseeh Department of Mathematics and Statistics is dedicated to excellence in research and teaching in mathematics, statistics, and mathematics education. Guided by the mission of Portland State University and by the principles of disciplinary excellence and cross-disciplinary engagement, we are particularly committed to building expertise and providing leadership in such areas as applied and computational mathematics and statistics and mathematics education.

Departmental News

Now hiring! The department seeks qualified applicants for tenure-track position in statistics (Data Science).  See position description here.

Mathematics faculty Mau Nam Nguyen has been appointed to the editorial boards of two research journals Optimization Letters (published by Springer) and Optimization (published by Taylor & Francis).

Mathematics faculty Marek Elzanowski was elected corresponding member of the  Accademia Peloritana dei Pericolanti, Classe di Scienze, University of Messina.

The Air Force Office of Scientific Research has just funded a new 3-year grant for studying discontinuous Petrov Galerkin solvers for harmonic wave propagation problems. The total budget of $649,560 is almost equally split between PSU and The University of Texas at Austin. The PSU portion of the work is directed by mathematics faculty Jay Gopalakrishnan.  

Mathematics faculty Eva Thanheiser was recently elected as a board member for AMTE (Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators). She was also elected as a steering committee member for PME-NA (Psychology of Mathematics Education - North America).

Noah Walton, undergraduate math major, won first place at the Sigma Xi Student Research Symposium for his poster, "Cycles in Functional Graphs of Polynomials." This project was based on joint work with Erin Tannenbaum and Elisa Bella, and was supervised by Derek Garton, Mathematics and Statistics faculty.

The Cascade Topology Seminar, under the direction of Professor Steven Bleiler, has received another three years partial support (now though October 2019) from the National Science Foundation (NSF).  This award continues the unbroken NSF support for the Cascade, support that began in October 1990. The Seminar provides for frequent contacts between workers in similar fields, allows for practitioners to keep abreast of recent developments by bringing in speakers and experts from outside the region, enables undergraduate and graduate students, post-docs, University faculty and industrial topologists in the Pacific Northwest and Southwestern Canada to hear, consult, and collaborate with the outside speakers and with practitioners from other institutions, in addition to providing an opportunities for local practitioners in academia, industry, and government to lecture on their own work.  The presentations at the Seminars usually concern algebraic, geometric, or low dimensional topology, differential or algebraic geometry, or combinatorial group theory. The next meeting of the Cascade Topology Seminar occurs the weekend of November 19-20, 2016 at Seattle University, located in Seattle, Washington.  The Seminar is scheduled to continue meeting semi-annually throughout the grant period at various Universities in the US Pacific Northwest and Southwestern Canada.

Panayot Vassilevski received a new NSF grant titled “Low-Rank Diagonally Compensated Matrix Decompositions in the Design of Solvers and Partitioners” budgeted at $159,998 for the period 09/01/16-08/31/19. The grant proposes new matrix decompositions for large linear systems and new graph partitioning ideas for parallel computing.


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