Graduate Programs


MS Math Information Sheet (PDF)The Master of Arts/Master of Science in Mathematics program is designed for the student who wishes to prepare for community college teaching, industrial work in mathematics, or further advanced work toward a Ph.D. in mathematics.

MS Statistics Information Sheet (PDF)The Master of Science in Statistics program is designed for students who wish to pursue careers as practicing statisticians in industry, government, or academia. It is also designed to prepare students for community college teaching or entry into a Ph.D. in Statistics degree program. The degree may be valuable also for people working in other fields who need mastery of a broad range of statistical methods. 

Ms Mathematics for Teachers Information Sheet (PDF)The Master of Science in Mathematics for Teachers program is designed for people interested in strengthening their understanding of mathematics to enrich the teaching of mathematics. The program prepares teachers in subjects such as geometry, algebra, analysis/calculus, probability, statistics, discrete mathematics, and the use of calculators and computers in the classroom. 

PhD in Mathematical Sciences Information Sheet (PDF)The Ph.D. in Mathematical Sciences at Portland State is an exciting program which differs significantly from the traditional model of Ph.D. education in Mathematical Sciences and is designed specifically to provide participants with the skills needed to thrive in the changing environment currently characterizing industry, government, and higher education.

PhD in Mathematics Education Information Sheet (PDF) The main objective of the Ph.D. in Mathematics Education program is to develop educators with an understanding of mathematics and its teaching and learning, and with the capabilities for research and professional practice in the field. This program provides a balance between mathematics and mathematics education in order to develop mathematics educators who can become: (i) Faculty members in mathematics departments or schools of education in universities, four year colleges, or community colleges; (ii) Curriculum specialists in mathematics, supervisors of mathematics at the middle school level or secondary school level, or mathematics specialists in state or local departments of education; (iii) Private sector specialists in mathematics education.

Additional Programs

Graduate Certificate in Mathematics for Middle School Mathematics Teachers

The Graduate Certificate in Mathematics for Middle School MathematicsTeachers (GCMS) consists of eight graduate mathematics courses specifically designed for teachers who desire to teach middle school mathematics.  The program provides a broad mathematics background appropriate for middle school teachers, a familiarity with the current middle school curriculum ideas, and a sensitivity to the special characteristics and needs of early adolescents.

Graduate Certificate in Applied Statistics

The Graduate Certificate Program in Applied Statistics (GCAS) is primarily designed to provide a companion credential for students in other graduate programs (including Mathematics) who have demonstrated expertise in methods and techniques for the quantitative analysis and modeling of data. Graduate programs that share a common interest in the application of statistical methods to the analysis of data and the solutions of problems include: Psychology, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Economics, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Engineering and Technology Management, Environmental Sciences and Resources, Mechanical Engineering, Political Sciences, Sociology, Urban Studies, Systems Science.  However, the GCAS program equally serves those who want to pursue just the graduate certificate.

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